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Thread: What did YOU do on Halloween?

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    Default What did YOU do on Halloween?

    As for me, I marched in a halftime band show. How about you? (If I could have gone trick-or-treating, I probably would have.)

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    I got horrendously drunk, danced like a moron and then crashed out as soon as I got back to my flat. No delicious sweets or anything.

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    I dress up as The Crow and walk around town with some friends and then went to a party at some bar.

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    well I dressed up and went to school, then came home, and stayed home, then one of my friends (dressed up like a french maid) and we wrestled for a bit, then he left and I went down to my moms friends house for pizza, came back home and chatted till 4 AM.

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    Staysed home and browsed ADISC while eating the candy that my parents bought for the trick or treaters.It's gotten to the point in our neighborhood that you need to decorate your house or people won't come to your door because they are affraid of child molesters, oh well more candy for me.

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    I had a couple friends over and we watched a couple horrible, stupid movies and ate a copious amount of chocolate in the spirit of Halloween. Then we went to the movie theatre and watched yet another movie (Rock and Rolla) which was actually good. I got home at about 12:30. All in all, it was a good night and there were definitely some pretty funny moments involved too, mostly courtesy of the horrible movies.

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    I forgot for half the day it was Halloween. I missed my friend's party because of it. I just went to the mall, and played games. Then met a friend, went to the bookstore with him, and talked about anime. Then I went home and ate a lot of candy bought from the store. It was great, and I'm eating it.

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    went trick or treating with a freind .and we decided we wanted to do some kind of prank ish stunt. so we sat in the back of another freinds truck and screamed L.O.L. at trick or treaters as we drove by :P

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    I got a bunch of candy and scared the shit out of little kid's at my friend's aunt's house

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