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Thread: why do people think that wearing 24/7 means becoming incontinent?

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    Default why do people think that wearing 24/7 means becoming incontinent?

    I plan on wearing 24/7 once I am on my own and have a source of income. Other people in different forums just assume that my plains are to be incontinent. But I don't. Because the beauty of wearing 24/7 is that one day I can just wear underwear and use the toilet. Why do people think this?

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    Being incontinent is a guilty dream of many DLs. A lot of DL say things like "if I become incontinent, then I could wear all the time." Someone must have inferred that you were looking for that excuse when you brought up 24/7.

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    Because for every one person that goes 24/7 for fun there is one that goes 24/7 in order to lose control, you see a lot of threads on other sites where someone has decided to go 24/7 in order to lose control so after a while some mistakenly assume that the only reason to go 24/7 is to lose control.

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    This is a little off the initial point but....

    It's fun to fantasize and all... but I don't want to be 24/7! Maybe a diaper weekend or at most a diaper week if I had someone to share it with but that's probably my limit. Wearing a diaper at work becomes very uncomfortable even if I do it for one day.

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    The bladder is a muscle (actually the sphincter is), and when it is not used, it will atrophy. If you stop activly using your bladder for a long enough period of time, you will experience something resembling incontinence. Your body will get used to not having to hold your urine in, and will stop doing so without deliberate intention. Go long enough without holding it in and your body will forget how. It won't be too big of a deal to go back to underwear, but accidents might occur without your intention if you had been wearing diapers for long enough. If you continue to hold it in even though you are diapered, nothing will change, but most people when wearing diapers just let it go when they feel the need. Give it long enough and you won't always feel such need.

    When I wear for a few days without holding in my urine at all, I end up needing to go to the bathroom far more often afterward and it feels weird to have to hold it in. If I went for a few weeks I am sure that I would have an accident or two while getting used to holding it in again.

    Everyone is different in how their body works, how they react to wearing diapers, how they react to wearing long term etc. When people assume that you will become incontinent after wearing 24/7 for a long time, it is based on real biology. You are not garunteed to end up incontinent, but if you stop using your bladder muscles all together they will eventually get weaker and your body's ability to percieve when it needs to deliberatly pee or not pee will diminish. Give it enough time, and full incontinence is a possibility.

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    I wear 24/7 by choice and I've only encountered a few people who thought I was aiming for incontinence. As with anything the actual reason someone might choose to wear padding all the time will vary from person to person. I'd imagine the general perception will depend on which forums you visit and which people you talk to.

    One common theme I have seen online is people 'achieving' or faking incontinence with the aim of having an excuse to wear constantly. It's possible that people have reversed that link and think that's what we might be aiming for.

    I personally don't see the attraction of losing control. I prefer to consider myself simultaneously potty trained and diaper trained. Having the option of suddenly switching back to underwear if I want to or need to is one of the things that keeps being 24/7 fun.

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    You all ignored the fact that wearing 24/7 does not equal not using your bladder. If you wear diapers 24/7 but continue to hold your urine in out of old habit (that is, peeing into your diapers when your bladder is full, just as you would peeing in the toilet), then you will never become incontinent. Only when you willfully pee in your diapers whenever there is a slight tinge of sensation and not holding back any urine will you run the risk of becoming incontinent after a long time in diapers. For most people, I simply don't think wearing 24/7 will lead to anything.

    Yes, the bladder and the sphincter is a muscle, and when it is not used, it will atrophy. But once you are put in diapers, your old habit still holds strong. Look around the ADISC you'll see lots of people talking about "flooding" their diapers. Such a paradox. So you hold all this urine and let it out all at once (just as you would when you pee on the toilet). The only difference is that you are peeing in diapers. But you still use your bladder the same way out of years of training and unconscious pattern.

    To pee like a baby, you need to pee every 10 minutes (ok maybe every 20 or 30 minutes). A few drop each time. Then your bladder will shrink and maybe atrophy. But few people do that. They enjoy flooding their diapers.

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