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Thread: AMD's Socket FM2 is finally on the build market.

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    Default AMD's Socket FM2 is finally on the build market.

    Trinity's been out for a few months now, but it was OEM-only for a while. The parts are finally showing up on computer parts websites, though.

    Newegg has the following FM2 processors:

    A4-5300 3.4Ghz dual-core, with a Radeon 7480D iGPU, $65

    A6-5400K, 3.6Ghz dual-core, with a Radeon 7540D iGPU, $75

    A8-5600K, 3.6Ghz quad-core, with a Radeon 7560D iGPU, $110

    A10-5800K, 3.8Ghz quad-core, with a Radeon 7660D iGPU, $130.

    It seems like AMD isn't playing the "more cores" game now. They've cut down on power consumption; the A4 and A6 are 65W, the A8 and A10 are 100W, compared to the FX-8120's 125W TDP.

    PassMark favors the A10 heavily; it shows the A10 as outperforming the i5-2500K. That's serious ammo for an Intel vs. AMD argument, but that's the only benchmark I can find that really supports the A10 to that degree. Most of the other things I've seen put the A10 at 60-80% of the 2500K's performance in similar tests.

    The cost, though, means a lot. The 2500K is $220 on Newegg, while the A10 is much cheaper at $130, including a solid iGPU.

    EDIT: The A10 is 3.8Ghz, not the 3.6 I originally posted.
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    I'm still waiting for Piledriver as I am going to get either a Radeon 6850 or a 7850 and getting one of those with the A10 is essentially useless as it can only be pared up with cheaper cards. But I've been telling my friends about amd's A-series apu's as it's a great cheap option to pair with a radeon 6670.

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