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Thread: Need a new paci, but I'm in a dilemma

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    Default Need a new paci, but I'm in a dilemma

    Well, with pay-day coming up, I've decided to stock back up on my diaper supply. i did want to try and order some Bambinos for the first time, but I reckon that can come later. Along with diapers, I am planning on buying a new paci. I do have some pacifiers with me (3 in total) but the bulbous teat they have doesn't do it for me.

    I'm gonna buy myself a Nuk paci, seeing as Nuks seem to be a bit of a favourite in the community, plus the teat is one of my favourites as it reminds me of the first paci I bought, that I thoroughly relished in suckling on...however, this is where I reach a fork in the road.

    See, after being on this site for a bit, I stumbled across threads about the Nuk 5 paci: a pacifier designed for adults. I also heard about the similar sized bottle teat. I searched around my city for Nuks of this size, but the only large ones they had were the Nuk 3s. This means that, if I want to get a paci fitted for my size, I'll have to fork out extra money to get it shipped over here as (YET AGAIN) no Australian online shops sell them.

    So...what do you guys think? Should I be more conservative and buy a Nuk 3 paci, or go the extra mile and order a Nuk 5 and possibly a Nuk baby bottle with large teat?
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    I have a Nuk 3 and its perfectly fine. They fit well. I'd say go with the Nuk 3.

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    You can get a discount at my store on adult sized pacifiers.

    The Squeek Store - Pacifiers

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    I really like my Nuk 5. It feels just right in my mouth. That said, the Nuk 3 isn't terrible, just not as good. I say you should fork out the extra money (within reason).

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    Worth the extra shipping IMO. A few years ago I bought mine and paid quite a bit, but I'm still using it today and I have no regrets. I like it way better than baby pacifiers, just works so much better.

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    I knew there was a NUK 4 and a 5 but I was not aware there is a 3.

    If I recall they are made in Germany so they are much closer to you than I can get them,

    Anyway, I have a NUK 5 and I absolutely love it. Would never settle for anything else. The only thing I would have done differently would be that I would have gotten 2 or 3 when I had the chance. Mine is still fine but I love the idea of a spare just in case.

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    I have tried both NUK 3 and 5 and I like 5 better because it is a better fit in my mouth but, if I had to go with NUK 3 I wouldn't have a problem with it.

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    I love my nuk 5. I don't think. I could go back. Totally worth it

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    Nuk 5 is really good i used to have one but lost it. ><

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