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    Default Halp!!!

    I'm looking to buy my first pack of diapers soon...

    What types are available in stores in Canada? (I can't order online, no credit card)

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

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    Best way to find out is to go take a look, stores like Wal-Mart and Superstore have a decent selection. You might be able to find some better ones at medical supply stores too.

    Also, I'm not sure about other banks but if your with RBC you can get a Visa debit card. It works like a Visa, but pulls money from you bank account. Easy way to order online. It's so easy to get too; I just walked, asked for it, and it was practically done. It doesn't cost anything extra either.

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    The are also prepaid cards here in the US ANSI suspect in Canada as well.

    If things are anywhere similar to how they are here in the US the selection in regular stores is not very good. In fact I would rather just wet my pants over using something like Depends or most of the other store brands because, well, they all leak so badly.

    My experience has been that regular medical supply stores, not regular pharmacies, but places that cater to healthcare and medical needs have carried some of the acceptable brands.

    What you will be able find really depends on what the shops are willing to carry. Abena, Molicare, and Dry 24/7 are some of the best. I have found Molicare somewhat locally myself but this is unusual. The best diapers are rarely found locally.

    One other idea. I actually found a very large diaper company, that happens to also cater to AB/DL, somewhat locally. In fact I used to live a couple of miles away. There are some Canadian companies that cater to AB/DL and incontinence, maybe one is close enough to you and willing to sale directly.

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