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Thread: Hello from Toronto (old baby here!)

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    Hiya everyone,
    Had some time to play online today, and decided to pop in and sign up. I'm an attached ab, that lives with my Mommy. Neither of us really participates in "munches" etc. but we have gone to a Little's Playdate that was hosted by someone on another site. We really enjoyed our day out, and it gave Mommy some idea of how others are (and that it's not only me). Sadly, we don't have the time to go out to events like this often. We both lead very busy lives, myself as a general contractor, and Mommy as a professional artist. We also have 4 kids between us (2 are still at home), and although they know that i'm a playful type...they are not aware of my ab side. That's about it from my end, just wanted to post, introduce myself, and say hello to everyone. Thank you to the site owners, it's aweseome knowing that their is a site for littles.

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    Thank you's a great place, just have to get my bearings on the navigation. Otherwise, nice laid out board, and great people!

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    Hi Joey,

    Nice to hear from a fellow Torontonian!

    I know how it can be to be busy - I haven't made a munch or gathering in years myself. My partner and I (rather than being AB's exactly) tend to mix our regular lives and general immaturity, so I'd call us 'kidults'. That way we get to fit plenty of fun in without specifically having to put time aside. Thankfully our circle of friends is liberal enough to accept us being weird - but I couldn't imagine being able to juggle that while raising kids! Hats off, there.

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    Welcome Joey, just north of you.
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