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Thread: Locating and watching children's shows that you actually watched as a kid

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    Default Locating and watching children's shows that you actually watched as a kid

    Me, I just downloaded some classic Barney (ie, season 3 - 1995, when I was 4) episodes. And from, I'm going to try and obtain some other classics. In cases where the childhood show may still be airing new episodes (including, oddly enough, Sesame Street which I believe is STILL on, even though it's been four freaking decades), do you guys prefer to try and find the episodes you might have watched as kids, or do you make do with the current ones? Obviously I prefer the episodes that I saw as a kid, personally - the newer episodes just aren't the same! What do you guys think?

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    I could watch some of the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons like Yogi Bear. I was in my 30's back then and some them were real good.

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    Old school gi.joes and transformersnon net flix. I grew up on those two shows

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    Bobby's World, Dinosaurs, Rugrats, Rocko's World are all streaming on Netflix here in the states.

    Garfield and Friends Hulu.

    The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh can not be found in whole on VHS and none on DVD I think. Same with Recess and Pepper Ann

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    My favorites:

    Today's Special
    Today's Special - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Zoobalee Zoo

    Fraggle Rock
    Fraggle Rock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Eureeka's Castle
    Eureeka's Castle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Duck Tales
    DuckTales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    David The Gnome
    The World of David the Gnome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    God... I could list tons of shows. I better stop now.

    Now adays, you can find anything on EBay. If you want it bad enough someone is bound to be selling it on Ebay, it just is probably bootlegged since no DVD release exists for many shows.

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    Eureeka's castle was great just for Magellan. Ducktales was always fun.

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    Does anyone remember Nightmare Ned? It was only on for half a season

    Or how about Talespin, Teddy Ruxpin, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Star Blazers?

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    Yes Ned's Nightmare......Ned would have a nightmare about something, often very embarrassing such as the old "i'm naked" one that i'm sure we've all had in real life, and it would then happen "for real" to one of his parents the next day....awesome show, used to watch that, goof troop and house of mouse

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    I love to return to cartoons and shows of my childhood. Although for most of You they would be totally unknown.

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    I just watched the first two episodes of Bobbys World again and it brought back so many memories, it's a great show even if you did not see it as a kid I would recommend it because it really gets in the head of a little kid...that's why it's called Bobby's World, it's about Bobby and how he views the world and the situations around him.

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