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Thread: Greetings!

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    Wink Greetings!

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first venture into the online world as a Diaper Lover...I've had these feelings for about 15 years now and I am VERY shy about it...I found this site and decided to give it a try.

    Well...a little bit about me...I'm a true diaper lover, not into the AB thing. I enjoy cloth diapers, but disposables are my favorite! I truly love the feeling of a thick, wet diaper between my legs.

    I'm about 5'10" and around 190 pounds. I wear glasses, never really gotten used to contacts. I live by myself in the great state of Alaska working as a of my greatest fears is someone finding out that I love diapers and confusing me with pedophiles (which I am NOT, by the way). I've been in my current profession for five years now and really enjoy it. When not working, I enjoy a lot of other things, such as video games, movies, reading, and the outdoors. One of my main hobbies is Poker...I've been learning for over 7 years now and really respect the strategy and skill it takes to be good at biggest score was about $1,400.00 at a live tournament.

    So far, I've only worn at home in private; there is not a soul on earth that knows of my love for diapers (until now!) I am looking forward to getting to know all of you on this site and plan to be as active as possible.

    My current stash consists of about 8 all-in-one cloth diapers, a case of Bambino Classico's, some Molicare Super-Plus's, Tena Flex-Maxi's (my fav!), and some ABU Super-Dry Kids.

    I'm here to make some new friends that share my interest. It's nice to meet all of you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schneaky View Post
    Hello everyone!
    Heya Schneaky, Welcome to ADISC!

    You and I actually sound very similar. Except for the Alaska thing... don't think I could live there. I like snow and cold weather... just not a fan of having it 9 months out of the ear. I am just now getting back into school to become a teacher and am very nervous that one day it could be discovered that I like diapers and basically ruin my career. But to put your mind at ease, I know that there are several other members on here that are teachers. Some may not admit it openly, but I know of at least three that have told me that they are, so you are in good company.

    That is quite the stash you have there. I almost never have more than one package at any given time... to scared that even that one would be discovered. I too am more of a DL with a bit of a Littlefur side. I never really see myself as a baby or babyfur, but maybe a kid of around 7 or 8 (with occasional accidents :P). Just be forwarned... ADISC tends to turn DL's into AB's, and AB's into Babyfurs... so we will see where you're at in a years time.

    Anyway, enjoy the site, and try not to be converted... unless you want to be.

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    As a fellow newbie, I wish to welcome you to the site.

    And I know how you feel about having a wet diaper in between your legs. Nothing can match it

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    Hi Schneaky, Nice to meet you. Welcome to ADISC. Poker you say, nice... Whats your favorite game Hold 'Em, Omaha, Something more traditional? A few of the people that know me well here know I like to gamble and I've been known to play a bit of Poker myself. It's not all I play but I do enjoy it. I've been playing for about 10 years.

    I hope you enjoy it here, and I am sure you will meet a lot of really great people. And as LMA mentioned, I too know there are other teachers here, so you are not alone.

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    Thanks! I know my stash is kind of big and diversified, but I keep all that stuff very well hidden in my apartment so the odds of people discovering it are quite low...I'm a bit OCD when it comes to hiding my diapers. I don't have many visitors and I live by myself. I'm still confused about the "babyfur" title....what exactly is that?

    Quote Originally Posted by ilikecars View Post
    Poker you say, nice... Whats your favorite game Hold 'Em, Omaha, Something more traditional? A few of the people that know me well here know I like to gamble and I've been known to play a bit of Poker myself. It's not all I play but I do enjoy it. I've been playing for about 10 years.
    I'm one of those people that try not to look at the game of poker as "gambling..." I've been reading and discovering that your decisions affect a lot of your outcomes at the table....I subscribe to Cardplayer Magazine and have about two or three books on the subject. I started with Hold'em, but since have become a huge 7-Stud, 7-Stud H/L, and Razz fan. I play Omaha as well, but I'm not very good at it There's a local game in Fairbanks that features a poker variant of 5 Card Draw and Stud mixed that one of the players's now spread across the state! How crazy is that!?!?

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    Hey Schneaky! I'm a teacher/administrator myself, as is my spouse (who's also a DL). I know how it feels, especially in this profession, to have to really guard your privacy so as not to be misunderstood as something you're not. You sound like a really cool dude, best of luck here!

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    Welcome to the site.

    I too am a poker fan. I hate Omaha Holdem with a passion though. Five or Seven card Stud or Draw have a great appeal, and while I like Texas Holdem it seems a bit over played lately.

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    I know the feeling Khaymen. I played nothing but Hold'em for a long time, so I began to study the other games and found that I really like them. Tournaments, though, I'm still sticking to NL Hold'em. Haven't really learned tourney strategy yet for the variations...

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    Omaha is my favorite game, although it is not that easy to find outside of Vegas or Online, so I end up playing more Texas Hold'em. Also usually when you find Omaha it is the Hi/Lo variant as well which is ok but I prefer the traditional Omaha-High. I also prefer to play NL tournament games.

    And although there is skill involved, and a lot to learn, I still consider it gambling, because there is still luck involved Every once in a while the guy across from you gets his miracle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schneaky View Post
    I'm still confused about the "babyfur" title....what exactly is that?
    The easy explanation is...
    A babyfur is a furry who is also an adult/teen baby.
    A littlefur/kidfur is a furry who likes to be regressed to the age of a elementary aged kid. (may or may not be diapered at all.)
    A diaperfur is a furry (teen/adult character) who likes diapers, but isn't 'young'

    For a more complete explanation, check out this article. (Even though, without looking, I said about the same thing. :P)

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