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Thread: My new Pokemon overalls

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    Cool My new Pokemon overalls

    I just got my custom made Pokemon overalls in the mail today and I just had to show them off.
    I finally found a company that could take a picture of my Fursona, and embroidered it on the overalls.
    I also had them put a few other cartoon charters, as well as my name logo on the bib and, a matching pacifier leash with my name on it. This is the first time I got snaps in a pair of overalls and Iím happy to see they are leather-tooling snaps that are strong and wonít unsnap on me unexpectedly if I bend over.
    They can create just about anything you want, so it was just the way I wanted it and really happy with it.

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    I would be creeped out if I saw that in real life.

    Other than that, congratulations.

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    As a Pokemon fan, I'm so jealous! But also happy for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeDisneyBaby View Post
    Wow very nice can you share who made them for you?
    Yes the company is called Starry Ideas

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    Cute. =)
    I want one with hello kitty all over it, of course.... someday...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubterraneanSun View Post
    I would be creeped out if I saw that in real life.

    Other than that, congratulations.
    Theyre nice for sure, but I agree. I dont know how I'd react as a normal person if I saw this in public. I definitely wouldn't wear them around people, but I can see myself wearing something like this in private. Cool patches though, and really nice custom work!

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    LOL I like how you guys tell it how it is xD I would be a bit wierd if i saw someone wearing that in public to... a little extream i think.. at least for me.

    I like the patchs tho =D

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    Pretty neat how they could custom make a set of overalls just the way you wanted them to look, even with your personal Pamperchu character replicated.


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