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    I would like to wear my first good diaper since i was a youngster... I wore a depend and really didnt like it all that, i am looking @ xpmedical and i was thinking about the Molicare or the Abi-form... i was wondering witch one of those 2 diapers would be better... i am a male if that makes a difference... I want a thick diaper, but one that isnt noticalbe under cloths...

    thanks and i am happy to finally to explore my diaper/baby life..

    also - how is shipping from xpmedical - does it really come in a plain box?

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    I haven't tried the molicares, but I have tried the abena x pluses, they are absolutely awesome and I think most reviews state that the abenas are slightly better. I have ordered from XP in the past, they are discreet for the most part.

    You might want to check out our wiki page on online ordering, it has a lot of good info that should help you out. Here's the link: Ordering online - ADISC Answers Wiki

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    Abena X-Pluses are awesome, extremely thick too! (Not that noticeable either, if you were baggy clothing, and try not to be paranoid) But XP Medical is where I get mine from, and they do ship discreet, and it's rather quick too.

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    I just got a bag of abena air supers from xp medical. shipping took about a week from CA to CT, and it was plain brown packaging. i was worried about getting the x plus because i heard about how thick they are, and i'm really happy with the supers so far. by far the best diaper i've tried yet, though i plan on ordering some x pluses soon

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    XP is great, they always ship discrete, and I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

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