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    I have recently started to write in a journal, for my memory's sake above all, and I usually write down everything that happens thought my day. I just can't seem to write about this, being an ab/dl. I just don't know if I want to risk someone finding it...

    Wondering- do any of you keep journals? If so, do you write Everything in there?


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    Ok put it on a pass word protect thum drive then your safe.
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    You can either keep a private blog on here, or keep all your writings in an encrypted file using TrueCrypt or Bitlocker. As always with stuff like that, don't leave it around people that would tamper with it.

    I keep a somewhat private blog here with a few of my thoughts (most of them whining frustrations). I don't write everything in there, just AB/DL stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyavi View Post
    lol it's a book, so that can't happen...
    You can get journals with locks on so you could always use that one for any AB/DL entries if you want or you could try those voice activation ones they have for little kids.

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    I keep a journal! I actually much prefer the way my handwriting looks, even if it takes much, much longer to write than with a computer. Generally I have my own private space, so I don't worry about anyone finding it, although even then I don't usually write about anything AB/DL related, and very rarely anything sexual in general. I like to imagine that people will read it in the future (when I'm long gone), and so I try to keep things tasteful. That's just me, though. Most of my private-y private thoughts stay in my head, while I work through them and describe how I'm feeling and why I feel that way in my journal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyavi View Post
    I have recently started to write in a journal, for my memory's sake above all, and I usually write down everything that happens thought my day. I just can't seem to write about this, being an ab/dl. I just don't know if I want to risk someone finding it...

    Wondering- do any of you keep journals? If so, do you write Everything in there?

    Yea I used to keep a journal when I was a kid through my mid 20's. There have been a lot of times that I have regretted not keeping one since that time because so many things have append that have been very important.

    Someone once told me that a journal should not necessarily be just a log of what happened and what you did each day, sure it will include stuff like that, but it is more important to record our experiences and feelings.

    Being that I don't keep one now but that I know I should. I often feel that it is important to record those things that are most important, most sensitive and most formative in life because they represent the real person and who he/she is eventually to become. Fast forward 100 years you might not want your ancestors reading about sexual things but there is also a very discreet way to put those things, while still passing on the message. Our history and the things that shape our lives are important.

    Of course there is the argument for keeping independent records, one with ore general stuff and the other with much more sensitive and personal stuff. To me it is sad that this is not done more often, and I am personally guilty of it, because it is with both parts of the record that what you write makes the most sense. For example, if you kept two journals one being very private, lets say 20 years down the road you want to revisit something that happened today. If you only discussed the private bits in the private journal, out of context with the rest of your life, you would be less likely to get less meaning out of that journal.

    I actually kept two styles of journals when I was young. As a kid and teen I primarily wrote about what happened on the days that I bothered to write. I had been using diapers from a very young age in secret but I was far too shy, and scared, to ever let this get int the wrong hands but I wanted to record something in those journals. So on the days that I did actually use a diaper or play baby I actually used a code on the page, sometimes in the corner and sometimes in the writing. To this day I know the three letter codes that I used and the meaning, so I spot it right away.

    Still it is a shame that I did it record details of the first time I found and used a real diaper and how it made me feel. There were the days that I was caught and publicly humiliated, I don't think I wrote about those days either. My dada was pretty abusive and I know I never wrote about any of that, although I allude to it in a couple of my journal entries. The stress from the abuse was so bad that I was pretty suicidal through most of my late childhood and teens. While I never actually attempted to end my life it would have been nice to have a record of what happened back then.

    Anyway, I digress, I should also speak to the obvious security concern that you bring up. Keeping a journal has certain risks. I see it this way, it is a private document that is best kept by hand. This means there is always a risk I could be read by others, and it probably will be at some point if okay way into the future. The locks are not at all effective so I would never rely on them. A journal that is encrypted but that has the deep dark secrets really has little use because most people, after years, are more likely to forget the password and over time these things tend to get lost as well. Also you would only be writing it for yourself which is fine but not optimum.

    One idea is to try wording your journal entries, especially regarding AB/DL stuff, in more of a record of your feelings and what was happened. Don't necessarily give any details or mention things that will clearly be sensitive, or give away actually what was happening, but more carefully selected words. You might say, that you were feeling a all, little or maybe even like a baby or young child. You might even go so far as to say that you needed some baby time, or little time. Talking in terms of self regression might also be appropriate. If you were stressed or however you were feeling is a good thing to record, and even the feelings (if appropriate) while you were wearing and how you felt later that day after it was all over. I would spare the details.

    I do feel strongly that it would be good to record this sort of information because it is such a big part of many of our lives. For many of it is very much so key in understanding who we are as people, what are needs are or were, and why we came to be where we end up in life. But there must also be balance.

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    i've kept a journal for most of my adult life. i HAVE written about abdl stuff in there, and plenty of other things that i wouldn't want anyone reading. now i've got shelves and shelves full of notebooks that i can never get rid of, obviously, and that i have to make sure no one but me ever reads. it's kind of a burden.

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