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    Default New Zealand Furry Discussion

    Howdy to all New Zealanders. ZZ Cat here.
    I've decided to start this thread so y'all know where we're all at.

    Also this is a continuation of my intro thread: "A lion roaring from New Zealand."
    So, go ahead. Have fun, try not to get up to too much mischief

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    Hey! Another NZ abdl/furry here. There are actually a few of us on here.

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    Yea. I've already met a couple of 'em. It'd be great to get a sub-community goin' on ITT here too.

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    @huddles: I did not know you were from NZ too. What sort of group are you proposing? There's already an NZ one here.

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    Wait, there is? Although, this is more a discussion thread than anything else.
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    To be honest I'm not really very active in any kind of New Zealand community. I'm quite good friends with Puppyluvs though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwidl View Post
    @huddles: I did not know you were from NZ too. What sort of group are you proposing? There's already an NZ one here.
    The NZ group here is basically dead as far as I am aware. There's an NZ *bdl group on google + too, but no-one's posted there in months. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if we made a more active community. Because it is against the rules, I cannot specifically say an idea I have here, but if you private message me I can give you my *bdl email and bring my idea up.

    I have a *bdl MSN, and Puppyluvs has a personal one too, although I don't know how happy he would be giving it to random *bdls. However, making a *bdl chat group on there may be another option?

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    Hey NiCad, welcome to ADISC

    Always great to see more Kiwis. I'm an Auckland Furry / Babyfur. Unfortunately as Huddles says, the baby fur / ABDL community in NZ is pretty quiet, although there is a fairly active furry community.

    I own the google+ group Huddles mentioned, but it's always been pretty dead on there. If anyone has any ideas for reviving it, feel free to let me know.

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    I can't say I'm a fan of Google+. I have enough trouble with Facebook as it is already.

    Also places like Google+ and the like are open to ANYONE (if you catch my drift).

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