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Thread: Tuck in Diapers or just hang?

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    Default Tuck in Diapers or just hang?

    I tuck but that just seems to cause leakage at the back. However when I don't tuck well I am long enough that it pops out the top. I just dunno what to do anymore.

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    Tuck? I'm not familiar with tucking in diapers o_o

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    I'm confused, whaaaaat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDrummerGirl View Post
    I'm confused, whaaaaat?
    OP is talking about how to position the "hose"...I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanddeath View Post
    OP is talking about how to position the "hose"...I think.
    The irony of this being in the issy forum is undeniable.

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    If you mean tucking your shirt in so your diaper doesn't show.then my awnser is no or tucking the diaper itself so it doesn't ride over clothing yes only when family is around. Wait I'm confused what are we talking about ?? My head hurts owweee! :p
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    If you mean full on tucking then no I wouldn't, your testicles would become much to hot. But if you mean just facing your hardware downwards, sure, I always have anyways with no issue.

    Also tucking is well... How to "Tuck" For Drag - YouTube

    For those who don't know.

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    I'm lucky enough that my fella can tuck into my groin. When I get aroused in a diaper it can get uncomfortable but then I wait 5 min and his back asleep in my groin again. Like a turtle.

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