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    Hey guys. I have a reallllly long conversation on facebook chat I want to download into a word file, for safekeeping. I'm wonder if anyone knows how to do that without just copy pasting the entire thing? I notice there is an option to "Archive" the message, but after trying that with another message, I'm unable to find it?

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    Archiving is not what you're looking for. That just puts it further into memory for facebook so you can access it later without being in your inbox. All I can think of is copy & paste method. POSSIBLY you could save the web page (ctrl+S) but that may not save the message itself. Alternatively, you could take a screenshot of it.

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    What's wrong with simply highligting it all, copying, and pasting? O well, whatever.

    If you access tha chat string via the message icon on the top bar, you can save the whole thing as a webpage which can be saved and accessed whenever, even without an internet connection.

    Another option is to download a copy of all your Facebook data, which will include all chats. The downside to this is all chats will be in chronological order, not separated by recipient. To do this, go to account settings --> general. And at the bottom of the page, click on "Download a copy of your Facebook data." You'll then click on "start my archive". It will take a few minutes, then they will send you an email to downoad the information. The messages will be in the nested folder labeled "html." The message log will be saved as a webpage labeled "messages."

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    Actually you don't have to do any of that Facebook actually saves all your conversations you have ever had so unlessit is in chat you can llok at the same ones from like 3 years ago.

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    If you have a mac you could just take a screenshot of it the page?

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