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Thread: Any other trans people here?

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    Default Any other trans people here?

    I realise there's probably a group for this, but I'm a little adverse to those, so I figured I'd just make a thread. Any guys or genderqueer, bigendered, etc people feel free to chime in, too. I know this is the sissy/girls forum (I've wanted to talk about that too, but that's another thread), but it seems to be a good area for trans discussion. If you're questioning, or just have a question in general, go ahead and say it! That's fine as well.

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    Non-binary gendered here. ^^

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    Oh.. I wish D:

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    Transsexual here! I'm an MtF and proud of it~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudchaser View Post
    Oh.. I wish D:
    What exactly does that mean?

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    I consider myself Transgender (because I don't feel that TV/CD or TS fits best to me).

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