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Thread: It all meant nothing until the baby powder

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    Default It all meant nothing until the baby powder

    Just felt like asking if anyone else ever felt the same way when they were trying their first adult diaper.

    For a while, I had bought myself adult diapers and did enjoy the first time I wore them. It was close to heavenly. I wanted to take it a step further by powdering my shaved and smoothed crotch, but I was living with other people during the time so I didn't want to smell up the place with baby powder.

    However, it was only recently that I got a chance to spend a few weeks on my own with my diapers. So, I went out and bought myself some wipes and Johnson's baby powder for the week.

    After I gave my crotch a shave and dried myself off, I sat down on my waiting diaper stack and broke the seal on the powder bottle. Almost instant euphoria: the smell, the softness as I sprinkled it on myself and rubbed it in. I grabbed one of my pacifiers and I felt little again; it couldn't have felt more perfect. Wearing the diaper alone was nice, but with the baby powder it made everything complete

    So, how about you guys? Have any of you felt the same way?

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    I'm like you. In the morning after I showered and shaved down there and have dried off. I open my diaper and lay back on it and then powder up up.

    i love that cool feeling for a minute before I tape up. I also powder up good after changes.

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    Oh yeah baby powder makes all the difference, at least it does for me

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    I've never tried baby powder, actually. It's never even crossed my mind. I think I might like to try it now, if it can have such a great effect on you guys. That sounds really nice.

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    baby powder helps a lot and smells great if you buy even wal-marts store brand. If your really daring baby lotion is plenty of fun to, more so if you got a caretaker from what i'm guessing.

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    Default Sv: It all meant nothing until the baby powder

    I always use baby powder. But I need to try to rubbing it in.

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    Baby powder is amazing. Personally I love the smells from diaper products(before use). I will go out of my way to be able to walk down the baby isle just so i can get a sniff as i walk by.
    I have to say though, after wetting a diaper and the smell of it mixed with powder, thats when i feel really little, I feel cute at that moment, so long as the baby powder is still noticeable.

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    I totally agree !!
    Johnsons Baby powder is lovelly when massaged in to your nappy area. The smell immediately regresses me to my toddler years even if I'm out shopping !!

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    Yeah, baby powder makes things ten times better! I've gotten into the habit of using it every time I put on a diaper

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    I use the corn stratch with aloe it definetly makes it better.

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