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Thread: My friend told me this yesterday.....

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    Default My friend told me this yesterday.....

    OK I should post this yesterday... But I have some problems and I couldn't get online yesterday. But here we go....

    Here is the thing he is my best friend and I often looking for advice on him. And yes he already know about my TB/DL side and he is completely fine with it and accept it.

    But all of a sudden he starts to say this thing to me(I couldn't remember what we were talking earlier). Archer* Forget all of your dreams you told me. That you want to be a president(I know right?LOL) and fix this country. Or that you want to travel the globe. Because of what? You see yourself as a Slave!. You're not gonna be whatever you want. Instead you gonna life at someones house and became a pathetic slaves!. The one that keep crying every night and then you're gonna yell at everyone "Please use me sir". That is what you want to be huh?

    I know it sounds very strange. And the problem is he tell me that all of that is just his non-sense talking and told me not to think about it. But deep down in my heart I guess he want to give me some advice and that he afraid if I keep doing this fetish stuff(I think he meant the BDSM one not the TB/DL)I might lose my future...

    And I also wondering how he know about my BDSM side? I distinctly remember I haven't told him anything about that. Or that I'm Gay(I guess because he once look my phone and I forgot to erase the history. Since I visited gay forums and gay stories).

    So what do you think people of ADISC? Is it really he want to tell me to stop doing(or thinking at the moment) that stuff. Or that I just take his word too seriously.(Since to be honest I kinda paranoid recently).

    * = Not my real name of course...

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    Your concern is understandable. No matter what he really means, you should really try to convince yourself that all of that talk was nonsense, because it really was. That's really important for you to truly understand.

    He sounds like the kind of guy who accepts that side of you, which is great. But you've got to remember that no matter how much he accepts it, it will seem a bit strange to him. After all, even we find this side of us kind of weird. Now, don't take this the wrong way, but I'd say he partially means just a tiny little bit of it. Don't judge him for it, and don't take it to you; We know, and you should know, that these sides of you do not hinder you from achieving your dreams and ambitions in any ways. Yet that is what I think. However, you should believe him when he says it was "non-sense", because he probably didn't actually mean it other than unknowingly being just slightly subconsciously unsettled about it. That's natural, and you really shouldn't let it trouble you.

    I can't answer how he would know about you BDSM side, but you could ask him just that (in a more subtle way, of course). It might very well be he doesn't, not really, and that it's just an idea that has sprung out in his head from what you actually have told him.

    We are all a bit paranoid about anything even remotely related to our secret sides. My hopeless, but in no way stupid, advice is the cliché: relax. It's impossible, I know, but it's what you'll have to do. Do not overthink these things.

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