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Thread: Bedwetting pants in New Zealand

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    Default Bedwetting pants in New Zealand

    So I've recently bought and started wearing nappies (well, pullups that are for bedwetting).

    I've currently tried Drynites, which is good. In saying that, it's not quite what I'm after (cool that it has a design on it though).

    The other one I've tried is Babylove Sleepynights, which I found quite good as it was bulky and had more of a nappy look to it.

    So my question is, is there any other brands of bedwetting nappies I could buy? Or not even for bedwetting, but I imagine that is the best. I don't have the guts to go buy adult nappies yet, but I'm 20 and apparently I'm looking more "manly" now - so it's easy for me to get away with buying something that is unlikely for me.

    In saying that, I only weigh 60-65kgs and have a 31" waist - so I definitely wont fit into baby nappies, but nappies aimed at teenagers or young adults I should be able to fit into as while I'm not tiny like I used to be, I'm still small.

    So any advice on any other nappies to try?

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    Sorry, and also where I can get them from? So far I've only gone into Countdown to buy them, but I was thinking of going to PaknSave to buy Pams Pajama pants and/or anything else anyone else recommends.

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    I normally go to New World, but that's just cos it has self checkouts... they don't have anything extra.

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    Hi ther e try NAppies for less. They have stores all over NZ and a really good range. The website is Baby Online - Nappies & Baby Gear. Plenty of choice. I shop there all the time

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    I get dr. P nappies from they aren't that absorbant but moreso than drynites. The cool thing though is they have a really soft plastic backing. Drynites have gotten better but aren't that great. Anyway I cut the sides and back off of a treasures or huggies nappy for the extra absorbancy.

    With they will ship in plain boxes. Can you get it shipped?
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    We live in a world today that is less judgemental of things like this. Assuming you bought some adult diapers from the store, you might get asked if you want them in a bag, and that's probably the extent of it. Most people acknowledge that its not their business, little kids generally being the exception. Give it a try sometime. Something tells me you wont regret it

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    The problem we have in NZ is that they don't stock adult diapers/nappies in pretty much any store...

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