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Thread: Well... that was awkward...

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    Default Well... that was awkward...

    I was standing in line at the CVS buying a pack of attends, nervous as hell, when all the sudden my doctor, who's offices are directly across the street from the CVS walks in, takes one look at me and my item, smiles an almost evil villain "I know what those are for" smile, and keeps walking to the back of the store...

    I about shat my pants from that.

    Any of you guys have similar experiences when buying?

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    Lol that's scary as hell xD. They sell attends at cvs? I did not know that.

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    When I buy, I prepare to carry out the mission really sleek and silent - If I buy Goodnites , I'd go to Jewel Osco, Grab the basket , wander off into diaper isle in zig zags, random pathways
    Put the pack of it in my basket (at this point no one can even see what I have in my basket)
    I go to self check out, prepare plastic bags on the weighing scales to be fully open, and place the basket on the left or right depends which position you check out at.
    I place the basket, I click " English" (language selection lol) quickly grab Goodnites scan it and throw it in my prepared plastic bags, usually i pack doubles so it would be less transparent.
    I pay and storm off with no hassle, but during this mission, i admit i have my heart running out of sync sometimes, but it's alright, i've noticed that the more i do this, the more i see that I really dont give a shit what other people think
    besides basket renders it almost invisible ( i believe this can be done in any store, even in live check out, so the only person that really sees what you're buying out of basket is the cashier

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    Now that you have diapers, you can go diaper shopping in diapers next time, then you can at least shit your diaper (it's what it's made for after all )

    On the good side. Your doctor is not allowed to talk to anyone about any medically relevant things he's seen, so his secret is probably safer with him than, say, your aunt or neighbor seeing you buying diapers.
    Also, next time consider using a store further away from people you know.


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    Well a couple of weeks ago I was in kmart buying some depends, baby bottles, and I think pacifiers. (I got really cocky that day)
    So I decieded to check out as I walk up to the cashier that bit of shame hit. I unloaded the items on to the counter and she scand them.
    I thought oh man shes gonna laugh or worse ask me what/who thay are for.
    I swiped my card looked up and she was smileing and blushing (I was almost shaking thinking I knew it shes going to laugh)
    she handed me the bag and winked.
    Stuned I just stood there, she said have a nice day.
    I said, ah you to and walked out.
    If I was'nt so stuned I would have asked her out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABDL4ever View Post
    she handed me the bag and winked.
    One word:


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    I know I wish I could find her again.

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    Technically would not be too hard, as it was only a few weeks ago.

    It would take some daily hitting up of the Kmart..... at multiple points of the day. But it's probably obsessive and not worth it but I would still mentally humor the possibilities within my own mind and would not fault you for doing the same.

    I could imagine you just buying baby wipes or something and see if she remembers and if she does, well... going for it so to speak. It's one thing to fantasize it though and another to implement it and have it turn out "perfect" and that is a big IF there since we really have no idea...

    Human beings are very complex and can give false/mixed signals. =(


    But you only live once....

    - My 2 cents.....

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    I tryed looking in there, but I think she may have gotten let go or quit. I'll keep looking when I go to get more supplies if I don't see her oh well it'll make an interesting story to tell people.

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    I know how that is... I work at a place much like it right now much to my dismay. Hours change constantly. You can close one night and open the next. It's hard to predict when a person will be there and if she is younger she is more likely to be working in between her schooling!

    Me... no way... the kids... they made fun of me. Emotional scarring... school... dropped out..... didn't go past elementary school.


    I dropped out of school at 6th grade.

    I went and got my GED. EASIEST thing I ever did in my life. I don't recommend it to anyone. But I had such a hard time.

    If school had a heart, I would stab it. Yes... My school memories.....bad...very bad.

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