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Thread: Does anyone know about the 2nd-generation Microsoft Zune portable media player?

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    Default Does anyone know about the 2nd-generation Microsoft Zune portable media player?

    Hey guys.......I'm planning on buying a refurbished 2nd-generation Microsoft Zune, to put my AB media (children's music and TV shows) on. It's gonna be an 80GB model but I want to replace the hard drive with something much bigger as I plan to have looooooots of video I know I can do 120GB if I have to, but can the 2nd gen MZ take a 160GB hard drive (putting it on par with the iPod classic)? Crossing my fingers 160 is possible Thanks in advance for your help, guys!

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    This is the wrong forum for something like this. Google would do you much better.

    That said, I've seen a Zen Vision:M upgraded to a 256GB SSD. Google could tell you what can be done with what you have.

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    I dunno. Thought I'd give it a shot here and see what I got, but last night I did take a look around Google and found ZuneBoards. Thanks anyway

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    I would of loved to get a Zune HD back when it was released but now with smart phones it's blown out of the water. If you can find one less then maybe 75 bucks and it works great I'd get it.

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