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Thread: Who prefers pull ups over normal diapers and why.

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    Default Who prefers pull ups over normal diapers and why.

    Who prefers pull ups over normal diapers and why. Also what pull ups do you use.

    I use abena abri flex m1 or m2 while at work which is the main place i wear.

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    I wouldn't say I prefer pull ups over diapers but I do love the fact that I can just pull one on and not have to worry about tapes, also I don't have to worry about not wasting a pull up if I only plan to wear and not use at that time as I can just take it off and use it another day and you can't do that with diapers.

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    Pagamakitten, I know what you mean about not wanting to waste diapers, I too will wear without using. Not always but sometimes. Which is why I like the active ultra plus diapers so much. Plastic backed with velcro landing zone on the front (velcro tabs). The best combo I have found!

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    I prefer pull ups as a regression tool. My little age is 4-9 usually about 8, and goodnites or pull ups as a bedwetting tool is my favorite use of diapers. Sometimes I will use regular diapers in my regressions, but that is rare. I like the vivid blue color or red of pull ups and goodnites that diapers just don't have; it is just so much more exciting and fun. As a DL however, taped diapers are more convenient, reliable, affordable, and a lot more comfortable. When I wear for comfort rather than for playing a game, I like a nice fluffy diaper that doesn't draw attention to itself because of its color, pattern, or nature -its about comfort and reliability rather than fun.

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    I have really only used the pull up kind up to now, and I like how Goodnights fit right now. I chickened out on real Depends, but I hope to buy some soon for comparison. I have bought the ones that have velcro and they do tend to chafe, so the real, plastic backed ones should be interesting.

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    Can't say I prefer them but they do come in handy for quick changes ( or really dont feel like staying in a nasty public bath room for long). When I pack some diapers in my bag i always have at least two pull ups. lately ive been buying the Depends Underwear ones Or prefail (prevail diapers)

    The only really down side to them is that they are never fully snug like you can make a tape diaper

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    its not a nappy for me if i can put it on standing up... looses its tummy tingle factor xD HAS to have tapes for me

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    I like pullups if I'm wearing alone and it's more "practical" if you can refer to it that way. Diapers are more intimate and in my opinion harder to put on by yourself . Plus there arn't many diapers because depends that really fit anyone over 100 pounds.

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    I only ever buy pullups if I'm caught short and have to buy something over-the-counter. The best I've found are Boots Stay-dry Night-time ones, but even those are not really absorbent enough for me. I also hate having to take off my shoes and jeans to change. If I need to change them whilst I'm out I rip the sides open and wear them as a pad inside a pair of tight-fitting boxer-briefs.

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    As someone who still lives at home I definitely prefer how subtle pullups are noise-wise.

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