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Thread: What happens when you wimp out

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    Default What happens when you wimp out

    This is the stupid crap I buy when I wimp out in the personal care isle:

    What items have you bought just to make yourself not look weird?
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    If I ever bought something because I couldn't buy what I came in for, I don't recall it. I've gone in to buy diapers and remembered that I needed something else, like toothpaste and picked that up as well. When I was too chicken to buy what I wanted, I think I just left without anything.

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    Never happened to me, but I say your best bet is to tampons(as a male) and diapers at the same time. Then it's differently for someone else.

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    Not exactly 'wimping' out, as I did buy what I was looking for (pacifiers!), but I did buy stuff to make it seem more natural. Or at least, kind of hide what I was REALLY interested in. I bought a bag of Bugles and some Raisin Bran on that particular trip, hehe. If I were looking to buy diapers though, I'd probably be more susceptible to wimp out. Self-checkout really helps me get past that however.

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    Maybe next time you should make yourself have the choice between diapers, or haemorrhoid cream. You can't lose with that combination!

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    Never wimped out, never even bought anything extra. Usually I just go into the isle (where there seems to always be two or more people) and look at my phone as if checking a list, than look at the packages, back at my phone, and then grab what I want. If I ever am nervous, I just go in with the pretext that this is a chore run for neighbors and I do it because I can make money that way. Rationally though, nobody gives a rats ass what your buying or why.

    If you ever stop to just look around at the people around you, you'll see that nobody is paying attention to you. Even the cashier hardly gives anything a second thought, and surely wont remember you or what you're buying. For the most part, it really is just your mind playing tricks on you.

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    The blue shirt i wear under my fursuit is a result of buying. I needed the shirt. But also used it as a cover

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    Many years ago, I used to stalk down the diaper isle, get nervous, turn and leave that isle. Go to the next isle and pretend to be looking at something else, then go back to the diaper isle. Basically, look like a shoplifter. And, I have to admit, I WAS a shoplifter back then. I even shoplifted some individual diapers at times, stuffing them inside my shirt. So, I guess you can say in those instances, I went to other extreme, I just took them and left without paying. *Just reporting the facts, I don't recommend doing this*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronymaster122 View Post
    This is the stupid crap I buy when I wimp out in the personal care isle:
    What items have you bought just to make yourself not look weird?
    Lol, this is a good thread. I order my diapers online now, but whenever I've had to buy in store I always bought something big to cover them with until checkout. I put a pillow or a big shirt in the cart first and then put the diapers under it to hide it until checkout. Needless to say I have like 30 pillows and 10 useless sleeping bags now.

    If I was buying a paci or something I would buy something else that was obviously not for me, like a onesie for a baby, since the two went together.

    I have also chickened out and ended up with needless junk similar to your neosporin, but can't remember all the specifics.

    Package of Adult Diapers...$14.00
    Tube of Neosporin...$6.00
    Ordering Online...$Priceless

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    I usually keep something else in mind to buy when I go to the store in case I do chicken out. And trust me, I chicken out a LOT.

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