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    Today was a major deja vu day, had it hit me hard twice. I get deja vu somewhat often, and it leads me wondering,
    Does anybody think there is a purpose, or an actual meaning behind deja vu. Some scientific reasoning, or spiritual reasoning, or something that would be a wise explanation behind the occurrence?

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    Default deja vu

    I think that when we don't remember dreams, they're really shitty and boring, hence why we don't remember them. And when an activity that takes place in reality is similar in some way, deja vu occurs because it triggers a subconscious memory that has been stored away, from the dream, but you can't fully access it, so you just get that weird feeling instead. Like a recollection of a recollection. (Inception!)

    Therefore, the more it happens, the shittier your dreams are. :P

    P.S. Did that sound sarcastic? Because I wasn't trying to be, but when I was typing it, it sounded sarcastic in my head... Sorry, if it did.

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    here are two really great videos i found that explains a little bit about dejavu
    What is Déjà vu? - YouTube
    Déjà Vu - YouTube

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    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

    I used to put a lot of stock in it but nowadays I just think it's my brain laughing at me with my spine behind my back. Constituting my back. Being... a very important part of my back?

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