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    Does anyone know of any good RPG online games like evony

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    I'm playing Guild Wars 2 at the moment. It's pretty fun, but you'll need to like PvP if you want to have fun after getting through the PvE content. It's much less grindy than WoW and has no monthly subscription fee.

    If there are other GW2 players here, we could start a guild for site members!

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    i know you said it has no monthly subscription fee but does it cost anything and how much and is it worth it

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    heck yea its worth it its a awesome fun game i just started it about 4 days ago and im addicted to it if anyone wants to play with me im on the server devona's rest my name is Tolepe.8451 just send me a message in game or write me a pm here on site to play together

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvilledperdyl View Post
    i know you said it has no monthly subscription fee but does it cost anything and how much and is it worth it
    Just the $50 to buy it then that is it unless you decide to spend money to get gold or in game items novelty items. It a really good MMO alot better the WoW and easy to play

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    Ive been playing WoW since the beginning, and take it from me, Guild Wars 2 is by far the best MMO i've ever played, I have such high hopes for the future of this game and I can see this game lasting a good while if not overcoming the efforts of WoW. WoW has lost its challenge and its fun, you play for a month, get to the highest level, do endgame content and then repeat the endgame content until the next expansion. In GW2 im halfway to the top level (80) and i havent even discovered more than 30% of the map, there is so much end game content within the normal game that it changes the entire meaning of end-game. There is so much to do and it never stops being fun! and the best part is that its challenging and has a refreshing new style to almost every aspect of an MMO. And of course no subscription fees for outdated aesthetics or game mechanics! I highly recommend it.

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    WoW does have Pokemon battles now, though :P
    Doesn't really make WoW any better, but it looks like a cool gimmick~

    But I don't play WoW... Only ever played a free trial and it didn't entice me enough. I do play Final Fantasy 14 though. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2.0 will be like. I'm also playing Guild Wars 2 now. I did start The Secret World when it first came out, and I would recommend it, but I got distracted by other stuff.

    Of course, OP was talking about Evony... Does that even count as an RPG? Isn't that just a browser-based RTS that forces you to wait hours just to accomplish something or instant finish with cash shop purchases? Have you actually played a MMORPG before? What are your computer specs, can you actually run any games? Guild Wars 2 is definitely worth it if your computer would actually run it, otherwise we'd have to suggest something old and grindy that you could actually play. My favorite free-to-play game was Mabinogi... I miss that game :/ It doesn't recognise my laptop graphics card, so it crashes trying to run without one.

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