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Thread: Adult sized Bjorn Balance seat

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    Default Adult sized Bjorn Balance seat

    Hi Everyone.
    I found a thread from a year ago concerning an adult sized Bjorn Bouncy or Balance chair. The thread is now closed, otherwise I would have posted there. The post included the following link with a picture:

    Look! Baby Bouncer For Adults | Apartment Therapy

    I decided to write to the company and ask them if these adult sized chairs were available for sale. The replied promptly and this is what they said:

    Thank you for contacting BabySwede. I am sorry the bouncers at the expo where for demonstration only. BabyBjörn currently does not sell the Babysitter balance in the adult version. I will pass your suggestion onto our product development team. We thank you for your interest in BabyBjörn!

    Danielle M. Falvy

    Baby carrier, bouncer, high chair

    I am thinking that if enough people write to them requesting this chair, perhaps they would consider making these chairs available.

    Baby John
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    Yes, you found my old thread about the adult size bouncy seat. I thought it was pretty neat looking. Wonder how much interest would have to be shown for the company to feel it would be profitable to undertake making them?


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    Hi, When I saw your thread I thought, Oh I would love one of these. I doubt they would ever mass produce an adult version but I am hoping that maybe one day they will want to atleast sell the ones they have.


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    hehe, wonder what happened to the expo model!, I think the lady sitting in the expo model looks like she may fall out, especially once sleeping, better add a safety harness to keep her in the chair, safety first

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    Realistically this wouldn't be hard to make; it looks as if it's simply a steel rod bent into shape, with fabric over it (cushions too maybe) and secured to a base.

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    I would LOVE that. <3

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    I think it was either Moo or Peachy who told me years ago about the children's products trade shows in Europe also having adult sized baby gear items for attendees to try out. I think it was a sales tool for buyers to experience how comfy the scaled down products would be for a baby or toddler. From what I remember about that post, the companies absolutely would not sell the items to anyone after the show. Though all you need to do is open yourself a small brick and mortar baby goods store and you could attend the show and try out everything on display.


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