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Thread: SUPER duper bright Bambino Classicos

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    Default SUPER duper bright Bambino Classicos

    Here are the Classicos I got today. Is it just me or are the colors alot brighter?

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    WOAH!!!! let me put my sun glasses on real quick. ok now I can see properly.... yes sir they are not faded.

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    Glad you finally got them in yes they look better then they did.

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    Awesome! , nice diaper tape this is new because the former was not so colorful and have more babies cubes. Enjoy them

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    I got my case so its time for potty training.

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    That's rare there is no last news in Bambinos news of this upgrade BambinoNews

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    I personally prefer the old faded look, it was more pastel-like and therefor felt more babyish, now they feel too bright... and I miss the light blue waistband

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    The colors are definitely much brighter. I love them even better now. Gonna have to order me some soon.

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