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Thread: Embarrassing story when I bought Circo Sleeper from Target

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    Default Embarrassing story when I bought Circo Sleeper from Target

    When I was checking out with the Circo sleeper the cashier actually asked if it was for me.. I was sooooo embarrassed. I tried to play it off saying it was a Halloween thing but I could feel my face getting so red .. I couldn't wait to get out of there.. When I get embarrassed I know my face gets very very red... I can only imagine what she was thinking..

    Incidently a few years ago I was at a different target with my BF buying Hanes boys briefs with kid prints and the cashier, a younger boy, asked if we were buying them for ourselves cause heard guys that wear low cut Jeans buy boy briefs..

    Little did he know I buy hanes boy briefs all the time..

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. It is becoming "Normal" for teens to wear footie pajamas. They are beginning to trend. I have seen them at Spencer's and Hot Topic actually being marketed for teens and adults. So it's cool to dress "little". Or is it cool because it's not cool? I dunno.. I was never cool growing up.

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    I was asked the same thing! What was real embarrassing was that I had the next time I went to buy a different one I was asked if it was for my girlfriend, and I just shook my head, and tried to play it cool despite what I can only imagine was a noticeable blush. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilMonkeyAlex View Post
    Hot Topic
    This is how you know something is trending these days. Seriously no one even cares if they're for you, unless they're your best mate from school you're probably not going to see them again so just buy them. Besides footie pjs are totally worth any amount of embarrassment experienced buying them.

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    I think it's an innocent enough question. I was asked the same but from a passing customer when buying one at Primark when I was in the UK. She didn't mean anything by it, I think she was sizing me up for someone she knew since she asked what size I was buying. It was a little embarassing but I got over it. I can see where it might be a little less loaded in that situation as those were sleepers for adults but if they fit you, what's the difference?

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    To be honest, I have never purchased a sleeper from a store. It seems that I either can't find them in the stores I go to, the style doesn't appeal to me, or I don't fit in them.

    The closest experience I have had occurred when I visited a Costco and purchased a giant teddy bear. The cashier asked me, with a wry smile, "...and this is for a friend, right?", clearly meaning me. In actuality, it was for a very good friend, but that only played into her game. She laughed in victory, but I knew exactly how to counter. I replied, "I purchased mine a few days ago. He loved it so much that I went out and got this one for him." Again, this was the truth and hearing my admission, she only giggled a bit more. None of it was menacing; just a bit of ribbing.

    I suppose I'm beyond the point of really being embarrassed by it and as such, I don't jump to conclusions and panic nearly as much as I used to. I can completely understand where you're coming from, though. We've all been there, but I think we can also comfort you with the fact that the flushed face/sweaty palms/racing heartbeat will pass. Most cashiers are merely curious and trying to kill the boredom of repeating the same tasks over and over, hour after hour. This I can personally attest to.

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    That's funny x] happens to me when I'm buying toys(I love power rangers). But like someone said its kool because it was unkool. Like power rangers has hoodies at hot topic. Because its the 20th anniversary and it wasn't kool to be into mmpr 5 years ago. Now a lot of people I know still watch it and are also into "onesies" or footed sleepers whatever they are. I have like 5 paird I've had since high school. I just didn't know it was kool lol. But then again I always talked about my onesies with a bunch of girls I know. And I only did it to see how far I could push the little in me to come out( I have a baby face so no girl ever cared). But yeah back on track onesies or feeties are back in cause they're un"kool". Just like invader zim and rugrats were about 8 years ago. But they still had stuff at hot topic well mostly gir stuff. So the point is, its so unkool its kool.

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    It was more of a comment than a question that I one time got buying Goodnites. I was at CVS and checkout dude was like early 20's. I only had a pack of boys L/XLG Goodnites to buy and put them on the counter. The bar code wasn't scanning right off and as dude fumbled with the pack trying to get the bar code to scan said, "must be a bedwetter in the house." I was like is he implying that I am the bedwetter. Total irrational thought (though a true observation LOL) then I was quick thinking how he know I wet the bed. I replied, which thinking back I don't think he really was looking for a reply but was just saying something as he tried to get the pack to scan, but I replied, " yes there is." He kinda looked up and said, "yeah my lil bro still doing it too, my mom thought she would be through with it by now but I think he going to keep peeling the bed for 2 more years."

    I said something like, yeah it tough for some to get over it. Afterwards I wondered if he peed the bed too and his prediction was based on the age he stopped wetting his bed.

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    I think it must be a thing Target cashiers do. I'm a guy, and I bought a footie sleeper from the women's department (to make sure it would fit. Who doesn't love Sock Monkey?)--and yet when I came to the front of the store she STILL asked if it was for me. Luckily because it was a women's sleeper, I blew it off as being a present for my mother...

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    I have been a cashier at Target and have never asked this question. However, I remember a guy coming through my lane that looked to be in his late 20s/ early 30s asking me about the sizing of the largest sleeper. He wanted to know if it would be a perfect fit, warm enough etc. I gave him my positive review on them as I have many of my own. You wouldn't believe how many older people buy the sleepers, even the ladies I've worked with were thinking on buying them, so there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I was at a local thrift shop and found some reasonably priced sleepers and the checkout lady asked if I tried them on...I had no problem telling her yes.

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