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Thread: Next Gen DL's

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    Default Next Gen DL's

    So since all baby diapers are cloth backed now, do you think that the next generation of DL's is going to be all about cloth backed diapers, or do you think they will still prefer plastic?

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    I think we want what best represents our experience. For instance I love disposables but have no interest in cloth because they are an alien concept for me. Similarly, they will prefer cloth backed because thats what they came to know and love.

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    Diaper Lover 2.0, now with environmentally friendly cloth backing! Save 50% at Walmart with a coupon in this week's Penny Saver.

    In all seriousness, I think they will. To be honest, when I first joined I thought that cloth-backed diapers were the plastic-backed ones everybody was talking about. I was born in '97, and I didn't know there was anything other than cloth-backed available.

    When I did figure out the difference, however, I do prefer the delightfully crinkly plastic-backed. So I don't know what'll happen. It'll be interesting to see.

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    So if this is true, I guess there will be Bambino-like cloth backed diapers in our future. Such as some that imitate Pampers Cruisers?

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    I have to agree with PacifiedByKnowledge, we are products of our environment. We like plastic backed because thats what we grew up with, just as the older generation grew up with cloth diapers and plastic pants. My bet is the new generation will "find" a baby diaper that is cloth like, try it on and fall in love. Just my two cents!

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    It is interesting. I used to hate cloth backed diapers, but now that I have gotten so used to seeing cloth backed baby diapers like pampers, I've started to want diapers that look more like them. I want my diapers to be like the "real thing," and for the last decade or so, the "real thing" is cloth-backed.

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    I'd call my self a next gen DL/TB and I prefer cloth to plastic personally

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    I'm not sure. i grew up with plastic back and I love the Teddy Bambinos and Dry 24/7. But I also grew up with all my cousins in cloth backed and I love the Cushies for that very reason. I like both equally!

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    I think what ever will be easier to obtain will be the choice diaper for the next gen. As more and more manufactures go to cloth backed it will be harder to find the plastic ones ABU has already been selling cloth backed diapers and im pretty sure bambino will have too at some point.

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