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    Hey, does anyone sleep with their plush at school thats not a girl because it easier for girls to do it then guys. If you do how doesn't your roommate think it weird. also what about the other on your hall. I am miss my pushy tigger and really want to bring him but to afraid that people wil think I am weird. What should I do.

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    Yup, I'm a guy and I sleep with my Pikachu every night. My roommate is either unobservant or doesn't care, and I am pretty overt about it. Either way people don't seem to think much of this, if you're comfortable and act like it's natural they will too. It may just be considered a quark of yours, no one will think AB.

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    yea but my school is small so everyone know almost everything that goes on. only about 1600 or so students here

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    Just do it man. You're an adult now. Don't be awkward about it, and you should be fine. I had a dorm mate over the summer, and I doubt he'd care. Most people are open minded and busy with their own stuff.

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    I agree, you should just go ahead and do it. The consequences out of sleeping with your plushy are so small, its not worth the stress of worrying over it and missing out on a good night's sleep with your favorite cuddles. Most people will probably not care, others who do are probably jealous, and the few who nag about it, will get tired of nagging and will only say something maybe for two days, and then if it makes for a really good joke at a bachelor party or something odd. Honestly, people aren't really set off about others sleeping with plushies, however diapers would be an entirely different subject, but they will never make the connection.

    As for me, ever since i bought Tadd, I haven't slept a night without him, and i'm not going to change that. I'm going on a trip with a friend of the opposite gender, and her mom pretty much wants me to marry her daughter, however I'm not sure if she just wants to be friends or what, either way, i'm bringing Tadd with me on this trip, and I don't really care what the reaction is, because i don't think it will amount to much. (Edit: Their reaction i mean.)

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    I go to a small catholic university with about 2000 or so students, trust me I still have friends and a positive social image. If anyone knows they don't care.

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    I am in college and male and I sleep with my Barney and my roommate knows and doesnt care. I also have my pacis and diapers here too but thankfully he doesnt know but if he does find out I could care less.

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    I'm a college sophomore, and I still sleep with two plush huskies! Well, I have my own room, but my three apartment-mates know and are totally cool with it.

    I don't think anyone will give you crap for having plushies. Weirder things happen in college dorms.

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    Most might have a chuckle at first, but nobody will make fun of it, unless it's somebody who's looking for stuff to make fun of you with.

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    Dude when i visited my friend in collage i ended up buying a 4ft teddy bear and snuggling with it all night... no one said anything. lol no one will care you have a plushie.

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