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Thread: Hi I'm new and I drew a picture :)

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    Wink Hi I'm new and I drew a picture :)

    Hi Everyone!
    I'm J and I've been fascinated with diapers since I was atleast 8 years old. I'm just too much of a wimp to go and buy some now, I'm a ClosettedDL (teehee cause it's my username okay haha yeah)
    I like Minecraft and animals and painting and sleeping and stuff like that I'm nice and I really want to just talk to people about being a TB or DL or AB I don't really care, as long as you like diapers and stuff then I like you
    I drew a crappy picture of myself

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    Those socks don't match.....

    You are disowned forever,

    Welcome to ADISC.

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    Welcome to ADISC I really like your picture! Anyways enjoy yourself here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClosettedDL View Post
    Thank you I felt a rush drawing it! And I will!
    Getting that affected by drawing diapers? You will not fit in at all.

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    Hi! I like your drawing. If I did it, it would be nothing but sticks....sigh. Obviously you're into drawing. What else do you like to do. I'm a writer on this site, and a professional musician as well as an educator.

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    But sticks are cool!
    heheh >: D
    I like to paint and sketch and hang out with animals instead of people and stuff
    Are you a music teacher?

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    You should try to get over your fear of buying diapers so you can buy Goodnites while you still fit in them.

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