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Thread: You might want to stock up now

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    Believe this is the third thread I have seen on this topic; however, I don't think it will cause a drastic change in pricing(At least until distributors need to grab another shipment).

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    If its anything like what happened to the hard drives when a flood cause a delay in buying new drives. it was months before they could get shipment back in order since the big company bought all the drives and not much for the little people.

    Since its about 20 percent and the market for it is not as demanding as hard drives we should not hopefully really see a decrease of diapers in stores. On the other hand things like this are a perfect excuse for company to bump up prices when there really is no need to.

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    Hmmm, perhaps I am lucky, I have just ordered a case of Tena slips maxi medium :3

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