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    greetings from the green room
    So you're in the green room, huh? Does that make me like the host? Are you waiting for me to cue the band and bring you out for your interview? Alright.. well here it goes.

    *Cues Band, band starts to Play*

    Ladies and Gentlemen... DROBLOWER! *Audience applauds, You make your entrance, shake my hand and have a seat on the comfy couch next to my desk*

    So, Drobrower, Welcome to ADISC! Thank you so much for being my guest tonight. It's always great to meet a new member around here. So tell me... what brings you on to the show... website tonight?

    What do you like to do for fun? What interests do you have.. both ABDL related and not?

    Well... would you look at that? Time for commercial. We will hopefully be back with Droblower's answers after a word from our sponsers.

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    droblower is your username a reference from Workaholics or do you just enjoy dro ; )

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