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Thread: is very difficult in hot weather

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    Default is very difficult in hot weather

    is very difficult in hot weather cause you walk as you move rash occurs. really suffering.

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    I'm fine with it, and i live in St. George utah where most of the summer is in the 100 degree area. Using cloth covered diapers work better though, having a plastic lining starts to stick to your skin when you get sweaty and gets really uncomfortable, while the cloth lining manages quite well.

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    I'm fine with it. I live in North Texas where we see a lot of 90 to 100 degree weather all summer. I wear Attends Breatheables in the daytime with no problems.

    Just don't wear plastic pants with them. I also walk just about everywhere I go.

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    If you use powder (and creams as needed) and change yourself regularly, you shouldn't have too much trouble. You should always change a dirty diaper ASAP, and try not to stay too long in a wet diaper. I've never had much trouble with rashes, and where I live it regularly hits the 90s and 100s in the summer.

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    I supose, as Kodey said, that powder and creams will help with the irritation, try it out!

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    this is why I just wear at night in summer and up until I can no longer stand it. Wore from like 8:30 pm last night to 12:45 pm today. Though I don't sleep while wet, normally.

    Also baby powder does help a lot.

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    I rarely wear when it is hot it gets to be uncomfortable due to the sweat that happens. Living in Texas doesn't help much.

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    Well as Tropical Countries residence I guess I have get used to it. I don't wear in outside often but yeah used many powders as you can and don't stay too long in wet diaper. But I haven't get any rash until now.

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    I live in Central Texas, and It's mostly 100s all summer. At night it's not a problem because I'm inside with A/C, but outside a cloth backed diaper does help. But once they are wet, they stop helping until you change. I also think that depending on the humidity where you live can be a problem, because I don't have as much of a problem in 100 degree wether in TX where I am with low humidity vs. it is a lot worse when I am working in another office in other cities like NYC and San Juan and its high 80s-90s and high humidity. That makes it more of a problem for me.

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    I never had a problem, sure it's hot and you sweat in them but that has only been my experience. But the normal temperature here in the summer is the 70's or the 80's. 90's is a heatwave. We rarely hit 100.

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