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Thread: How many people you think know you on ADISC?

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    Default How many people you think know you on ADISC?

    Well I kinda wondering this how many people you think know you on ADISC? I mean ADISC has approximately 24.000 Members with 5.000 is an Active members. And from that number how many people you think know you?

    Since we can't get an accurate data you can predict on how many people you think know you. But yeah be honest though. People just love them. The Definition of people here is not always a friend. So Profile Page Visit data can be used as well.

    Well I believe at least 50+ people know me. And I'm trying not to be smug here. But when I do get cocky I honestly believe about 500+ people know me in here. Kidding.
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    Well considering i know all of my added friends on adisc through talking and stuff thats about 30, then you got a few that haven't been added as my friends so say another 10 -20, you also have the old adisc minecraft and the new official minecraft that i talk alot on so another 5-10, then you got another roughly 4k views on my profile so a few others. Also the irc that gives another 5, well considering we've join about the same time, a guesstimate of 50-70 seems correct.

    i must add i never noticed you untill recently :P

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    Know my name? Plenty but actually know anything about me? About 1 or 2.

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    I'm pretty new here so I'd have to go and say zero

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    Default Re: How many people you think know you on ADISC?

    Well, there's a couple I've PMed a few times. There's a lot of people throughout the site that I've recognized and gained knowledge about them through their posts?

    I can't really put a number on that, (maybe 20-30?) That I know through post. I kinda feel like writing a rough differential equation to express this, but I'm way too lazy and stupid to do that...

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    I would guess a lot because of my Youtube page with around 1.6million views right now and my website.

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    Default How many people you think know you on ADISC?

    I'd say 150-200 at the most, and I've been here for over a year and a half, but I was gone for about 4 months and there seemed to have been a gigantic number of new members during that time.

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    I'm lost, what do you mean by "know you"? Just have seen you in another post? Someone who's investigated your profile? Someone you have PM'd with or had an online conversation with? Or someone who knows you IRL?

    Because the numbers get significantly smaller and smaller with each level of question that I posted.

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    Well my definition is:
    A.) People who friends with you
    B.) Someone who has come to your Profile Page
    C.) Someone who has an PM or conversation with you

    And yeah it's for ADISC only.

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