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Thread: What is the easy way to become DC?

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    Question What is the easy way to become DC?

    OK simple question what is the easy on how to become DC. Well I think it might be useful for everyone.

    I have to admit when I'm bored my mouth and brain is not properly synchronized. And I do tend to making stupid comments. But there we go.

    My predictions is that someone will post this link or this. Or then just say "Well keep posting and be active". or maybe somebody will say "Just a good luck"

    Oh yeah don't thank me I bet someone whoever that is will post in here that is simple and reasonable and then he/she will get an Rep because if this question. Of course if the whole ADISC is gang up on me and agreed not to give a Rep in this thread then I might be wrong.

    Oh I'm terribly sorry if I do make stupid comments at this time my mouth is acting more then my brain.

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    There is no easy way to become a "DC". You need massive amounts of rep and hardly any negative rep.

    The only way you become DC is purely by people thinking "Wow, that post was so freaking great I'll give them +rep!" which hardly anyone does. Of course if you offend anyone by whatever means, they'll surely never give you +rep and the only people who give out rep are regular members.

    So at the end of the day its a popularity contest, nothing more. Plus look at the EC+ fourm. no one really posts in there and the DC forums are likely just as unused. I got DC once a few years ago and there was hardly anything or value to be had in the forums or being DC in general.

    I've quit literary spent days on Adisc have a ridiculously high post count, regularly active and I may get a +rep every 3-5 months. to maintain DC you need to get likely a +rep every 2 weeks or less.

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    So at the end of the day its a popularity contest, nothing more.
    This really does sum it up, all I could suggest to get to DC would be to post well thought out responces to questions and threads. It's all you can do*

    *Or you can pay the DC god 100000 internetz

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    Write articles! Its like macro-botting for rep. Making good posts is important, but admittedly there's no guarantee, so after awhile it can definitely be a monotonous grind.

    You're a really good member Archer, so I'm surprised you're not a DC yet. You totally should be!

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    Write, give advice, and be kind. Double or triple check before you post. Never post while feeling a strong e,option, but instead keep a level head. If you don't know a lot about a subject then share what you do know and give moral support. If you're nice and give the best advice you can, then it's only a matter or time.

    But in all honesty don't worry about being DC. As Falkio said before, you're a great member, and that goes such distances beyond a title. Trust me. I would rather be known as a good contributor then a sub par TC.

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    First person to response who isn't a donor.

    I don't even know why such a category exists. There is a vaguely group of people considered more "popular" but that not even something I look for in recognizing this group.

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    When I saw the tittle of this thread I was quite confused and thought you were asking how to become a Washingtonian. In which case I would have said that the easiest way is to be born in DC and the only other way would be to live here a couple decades till you assimilate with DC culture.

    To address the question you actually intended; let me start by guessing that on adisc "DC" is the new name for "VIP". I've never really cared about such tittles, however if you want to gain +rep, then making well thought-out and helpful posts can get you +rep. writing articles is another way to gain +rep. I would recommend not worrying too much about rep.

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    I'll join in with the crowd to not really worry about rep, unless you are getting a ton of negative rep (which pretty much requires being either: A) A spambot or B) a creepy asshat). As people have said though, the last part isn't affect nor should it ever affect you (From what I've seen anyways), so don't worry about rep. I still have no idea how I got to DC, and really it hasn't made anything change compared to when I was just EC. There is a new forum annddd...not much else.

    I do disagree that DC/TC is about who is popular, there are people I'd consider who are more well-known around here then some TC/DCs. Besides if it was popularity, the people who make DC/TC would stay there because they are the popular people. The truth is people tend to rep less those with a good bit of rep, so I don't think popularity has much to do with it. To be honest, it seems rare people rep much at all anymore (be that good or bad) *shrugs*.

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    Eh, your're really not missing much. There's a certain mix you can obviously capitalize on if you think hard enough on it.

    I've only been here half a yea r (knowing one or two people) and I'll be just an obscure TC next week sometime give or take. *shrugs* contribute what you want to contribute to passionately, and hope someone out there says "hey that's cool."

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