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Thread: Cloth diaper help?

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    Hi, im looking for a cloth diaper that wouldnt be to expensive. Something i could order online yet not in buik, honestly im only wanting to buy 1 or 2 but i would like them to be as THICK as possible. i usually wear either abena or Molicare disposables and have no experience with cloth diapers so im not sure which ones are the best buy or where to buy them. Again i willl thank in advance for any posts that help me with my trouble :3


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    Check out this article first. It will be easier to suggest diapers/stores once you've narrowed things down a bit.

    More traditional types (flats, prefolds) are going to be less expensive and easier to care for, however, coming from disposables, you may find them a bit too different. Good all-in-one diapers (for instance) are a bit pricey, but then you're going to get many, many uses out of them.

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