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Thread: Due to expected record breaking voter turnout

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    Default Due to expected record breaking voter turnout

    Due to expected record breaking voter turnout the national presedental election has been expanded to a 2 day format. Those of you planing to vote democratic may vote on tuesday Nov. 4 as planed, however those of you planing to vote republican or 3rd party, please report to your polling place on Wednesday Nov 5th. Thank you.

    All kidding aside, flyers to this effect, advising democratic voters to vote wednesday have been reported in virginia. They are official looking flyers with the state seal and signatures on them - DON'T BE FOOLED!! we all vote tuesday or earlier.

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    People will do anything, won't they?

    Thanks for the heads-up, Unbeliever!

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    Thank you for the heads up, I think it is good you are taking it into your hands to get the word out. People will stoop so low to get their party to win, it is so wrong and disgusting.


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    I heard about this last night. What a vile tactic!

    As much as I'm keen to see my favored candidate win, I can't abide the notion of trying to prevent anyone from voting. Good to get the word out on this sort of thing.

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    Anyone that try's this tactic is far from being bipartisan which is exactly what we need right now. For far too long both sides have tried to blame each other for anything that has gone wrong and its stupid. Also if you think that the otherside of the aisle does not have some good points then you would have to be ignorant. There have been great republican and democrat presidents, congressmen, senators, mayors etc. Its stupid that we can accept nearly anything else these days yet yet working and conversing with someone that has a different political view point of you is the end of the world.

    Its stupid.

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    Just vote early... today or tomorrow... avoid the problems.

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    Valentine, a woman cut a backwards B into here face (clearly her using a damn mirror) and saying a Obama supporter mugged her. seeing that shows how far people are willing to go.

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    You have to live in Virginia to appreciate the fact that so many would be stupid enough to turn up on Wednesday to vote lol.

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