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Thread: Tena Slip Maxi - Changed pack sizes in Australia

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    Default Tena Slip Maxi - Changed pack sizes in Australia

    Hey, a quick question for any Aussies out there:

    I just noticed that Tena are now selling Tena Slip Maxi in packs of 9 (previously 8 per pack). Check out: https://store.independenceaustralia....tore/index.wsp for details. Carton sizes have also changed to 6 bags instead of 4. Thats for Medium and Large.

    Has anyone ordered any of these new 9 packs? These are my favourite nappies here in OZ and I am terrified they might have changed them. I hope someone can shed some light.

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    Yes they have
    The tapes are bigger and they have that crappy breathable cloth-like cover now the plastic is gone now

    They WERE my fav as well looks like all the good nappy brands are going cloth like cover.

    Makes me want to cry in the corner

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    Tena Slip Maxi recently increased the pack size from 21 to 24 in the United Kingdom by super-compacting the diapers into the pack. I wonder if they're just trying to be more efficient with shipping. The ones here are still plastic backed - if they go cloth backed they can expect some complaints I suspect...

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    While I haven't ordered the 9 pack yet I noticed that they're charging an extra $4 just for 1 pad. Hopefully someone will guinea pig them and see if they're different.

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    Just purchased 2 packets of the old ones, and one of the new ones from IndAus. Will let you guys know :P

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    Gah i have always felt jipped when getting Tena Slip Maxi here, an 8pk. Reminds me of the old Depends in the red 10pk (6tape ones & crinkles like a plastic bag. total rubbish). Over in Europe & where it's made in Sweden its sold in a 20pk MINIMUM. I always felt ripped off paying $18 (or $25 if you lucky enough to find a chemist which sells it) for just FOUR bloody nappies.

    For that price i expect them to be the minority brand which would keep the plastic backing. The type of plastic backing they have at the moment is soft and super quiet and i think it's one of the reasons someone would fork over the extra money otherwise they would just get an Abri-Form or a Molicare (with both of their plastic backing being MUCH thinner and crinklyier.)

    BESIDES, Tena ALREADY sells a fully cloth backed high capacity brief which is said to hold even more than the Slip Maxi - the 'Tena Flex' series.

    If i had the time i would contact either IndependanceAustralia or BUT i rarely have the time to visit ADISC.

    This just makes no sense this move.

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    Damn! I thought that would have been the case! They had the best plastic on them....
    I still managed to get the plastic backed ones on my last order. Would really like to see how these new ones are.

    So i think that leaves only Molicare super plus now that is still plastic backed in Australia...


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    i just got the new cotton cover nappies, they feel the same as a lillie supreme and have very similar tabs, havnt tried one yet, i will be tonight though

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0828.jpg 
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    how the slip looks as u take it out
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0829.jpg 
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    the nappy opened up
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0830.jpg 
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    the two tabs
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0831.jpg 
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    the tabs up close
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0832.jpg 
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    Thanks for the update. This is what I had feared. I have ordered a sample from Tena, so I can see what they are like. I just hope the fit is as comfortable as before.

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