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Thread: Buying my first, but have a few questions for the veterans before I do.

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    Red face Buying my first, but have a few questions for the veterans before I do.

    I've searched the forums and found answers to some of my questions already. Please forgive me if I've missed answers to my questions below
    Also, I'm a complete diapernoob, so I might ask a stupid question.

    To anybody willing to read my small wall of text, THANK YOU! I'm kinda nervous, but also pretty excited

    After some research (thanks to ilikecars for the sites to check), I've decided to try bambinos. Since I'm in Canada, I'll have to order from B4NS. My search of the forums says they're discreet and a good company to do business with. That part shouldn't be a problem.

    Question number 1 is about the size and fit of their different diapers. Is there a difference between Bellissimo and Bianco in terms of size and fit? My waist is 92cm (36 in), I weigh 77 kg (170 lbs), and I'm 183 cm (6 ft) tall. One member in an existing thread said that the mediums fit a 31in waist perfectly, so I don't know if I'd be better off with a large. Large is much larger than I am though. Any bambino users around my size who can advise?

    Question number 2 is about actually putting them on. I've never done this, so don't really have much of an idea what I'm doing. What I found on the forums is that most people (who need to put their own on) lay on their bed with the diaper 1/2 of the way under them, then bring the front up. Are the tapes hard to figure out? How tight should they be? Is it easy and I'm just over-thinking this?

    I'm getting pretty excited! Thanks for reading this far

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    The diapers might come with instructions on the package, but there is an article on Adisc.

    As for size, I went of of the supplers site to figure that out.

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    Hi footielurker,

    I can tell you the Bellissimo and Bianco's are different, the Bellissimo is a thicker diaper.

    As far as sizing, Babmino runs on the small side in general, so you may be safer with the larger or ordering a sample pack first. Hopfully someone here has the same waist size and can comment.

    As far as putting them on, here is another article here that can help...

    - - - Updated - - -

    SubterraneanSun, nice post with the Article, we must have posted at the same time, I didn't see yours when replying

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    If you're uncomfortable with taping at first, you might try buying some low-quality diapers from the grocery store and experimenting with those first.
    Also, with a 36" waist, I'm sure you'd be fine with the medium bambinos; they're listed as 32"-44" and you're right in the middle there.
    (the others in this thread have it covered pretty well, so my post might be a bit superfluous)

    Good luck and have fun

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    I found a review here, that is pretty good, I knew I had seen it before.

    Onecho recommends the Bellissimo Medium up to 35" waist, I know myself that they run small, so I would try a sample pack.

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    Thanks to all of you for the replies.

    That article is awesome! Exactly what I wanted to know.

    ZakRoo, the cheapie trial diapers is a great idea, thanks. I'll see if I can work up the courage to buy some in public

    edit: Thanks for finding that for me, ilikecars! Looks like I'll try a large sample pack to start.

    edit2: Grr, no sample packs from b4ns for bellissimo.

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    try wall greens adult diapers with tapes they are easy to get on and they dont leak as for getting them their usaly about 10-12 dollars

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    I don't think we have walgreens in Canada. Maybe walmart? I'll probably tour around some local stores to see what's available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by footielurker View Post
    I don't think we have walgreens in Canada. Maybe walmart? I'll probably tour around some local stores to see what's available.
    Walmart, Zellers and all grocery stores carry diapers and some have self checkouts that make it easier to purchase. ABCanada is the one I purchase from and they have great service, they are based out of Vancouver so they also offer the option to pick up your order. For your waist size mediums may work, I know the Abena's should.

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    Thanks DaddyA! I'm in Vancouver, so will check ABCanada for something similar to the bambino billissimo. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again to everybody responding I've been alone with my thoughts and assumptions for a while. Actually talking about this feels great!

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