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Thread: TS/TG and diminished desire to wear/regress

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    Default TS/TG and diminished desire to wear/regress

    I wasn't sure where else to post this, but I genuinely wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this.

    I began transitioning (FTM) about 2 years ago. In the process I've experienced a LOT of life changes (from being homeless DUE to transition, and then meeting my now partner of a year and a few months and now we live together). In the process, I've noticed a huge change:

    I have absolutely no desire to wear or regress into toddler-mode. I haven't had any in almost 2 years. I've had fleeting moments where it would come into my mind (memories of regression usually, or I'd have had some dream about it) but no urge to pull through would be there.

    My... ahem, libido is just fine. Very high, even. Just no desire to go into baby land again since then!

    I am guessing that, for me, regression was a way of pulling me out of myself for a little bit as an escape?
    Has anyone else ever had this happen and if you have, did you ever have the desire to return?

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    [I'm MtF, by the way.] I never had much of a little side, although occasionally when alone I'd kind of chill out and go into that mindspace without necessarily acting like a little kid, if that makes any sense. What I'm trying to say is that I never full-on regressed, however I have/had an affinity for certain things like pacifiers, diapers, blankets, plushies, etc. Transition didn't really interfere with that, although I have a feeling it contributed to me not wanting to even try to regress. I think one thing that stops a lot of people from doing that is looking in a mirror and thinking they look ridiculous (y'know, "I'm a grown man in diapers with a pacifier, this looks stupid/I feel stupid" and that's kind of a mental block to regressing). So I kind of had that, thinking I looked ridiculous, on top of the dysphoria with my body in general. It's a pretty big block to overcome.

    Another idea is that maybe you've just been so focused with these other things, that you haven't found time to do anything AB/DL-related? Transitioning, being homeless, meeting someone new, and then actually living with that person sounds like it would take a lot of mental energy; perhaps that's left you tapped out. Or maybe T has something to do with it (if you're on T). I dunno.

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    Yeah I'v had that but after two or more weeks to build up or I get a chance to settle and unwind it will come flooding back to me.

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    Thank you all for responding here!

    Whitefox: Interesting. Maybe it's a mind thing and I don't realize it? I am not on testosterone just yet, but instead I'm naturally transitioning (taking other steps such as diet, exercise and supplements to assist in testosterone production naturally. It works for me because it's already rather high - I look rather like a sea captain these days...) I wonder what will happen when I actually go on testosterone though.

    It's been stressful here off and on. We're in an odd scenario that most people wouldn't understand - we're on a horse ranch where the nearest store is roughly 10$ in gas (30-40 minutes away), so there's no real possibility for jobs and money is very tight. So it could very well just be stress. But I used to regress as a form of stress relief.

    ABDL4ever: Hmm, interesting. I guess I'll have to see what happens.

    Thankfully my partner is accepting of this part of my past (even if he doesn't want to participate in such a thing - if it actually did come back I wouldn't have to hide it. )

    Thank you both!

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