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Thread: Gotta love the NHS

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    Default Gotta love the NHS

    I saw my incontinence nurse again today and I'm finally getting incontience products free. My first parcel should be ready next week.

    They don't do all-in-one nappies unless you're bedbound or fecal-incontinent as well, so I'm getting Moliform Soft Super pads with mesh pants. I don't get to choose the brand but I was surprised it was Molicare as they're not the cheapest around.

    My only concern is absorbency: the listed capacity for these pads is half the capacity of the Euron nappies I'm currently wearing and they are only giving me 4 pads a day. With the reduced capacity I'm concerned that 4 isn't going to be enough. But I guess its better than nothing and if I'm only buying half what I'm currently buying, it'll still save me a lot of money.

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    Well, thats good news! I haven't tried Moliform Soft Super, but it says the capacity is 2700 ml, and thats not bad for a (free) diaper I'm using Molicare Super Plus medium that has a capacity of 2800 ml, and thats enough for me. Bu it depends of how much/often you drink of course.

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    The official website here: MoliFormŽ soft shows the capacity is only 1360. Where are you looking to get 2700? I'm only allowed the pads, not the all in ones.

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    I was looking at the Norwegian Hartmann site: (although the pdf is in Swedish).

    But when I look more closely I see that the name of the product is just Moliform, not Moliform Soft, so nevermind

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    I didnt have any problem getting nappy-style pads. I was initially offered pads (like Tena for men), which I said would be no use given that most of my problems are night time and I dont wear tight fitting underwear.

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    get nappy style pads from the NHS to but i think this because of my disability (CP) and the fact that they are a lot easier for me to manage than net pants and a pad or even pullups

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    The NHS have rules that vary from area to area, but (even in these difficult times) they are supposed to supply pads that are suitable and in the past incontinence sufferers have successfully appealed against inappropriate decisions. The Bladder and Bowel Foundation will offer help and advice if you feel you are being forced to use incontinence products that are unsuitable or do not provide the level of dignity you need. Often we are embarrassed to challenge things like this burt it is in everybody's interest that we get the right products.

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    I didn't realise that I could appeal the decision of what I'm given. I'll see how I get on with them, and if they turn out to be inadequate I'll contact the BBF. Thanks for the advice.

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    Hi there,
    The NHS is generally very good, I know that my PCT supplies Attens products by default but as I had problems with them I got Molicare nappies instead.
    Much better than other countries health services!
    Stay well, UKnappyman

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    yeah, like the US, [email protected]#$#@@$ private only healthcare, here, shell out $400/month for the insurance a $3000/yr deductible on top of it, then find they don't even cover diapers for me, at least I can write em off come tax time

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