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Thread: Sneaky Samsung advertisment

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    Default Sneaky Samsung advertisment

    Out of interest what did you guys think of this advertising campaign from Samsung during the Iphone 5
    I though it was really smart especially in the publicity it generated and the messages it got across. Im more impressed by this marketing stunt but any other attempt i have seen recently.
    The Next Big Thing is Already Here - Samsung Galaxy S III - YouTube

    P.S. i dont care what phone is better.

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    Well their advert department done very good damn job. Well it is what they called "Competition" as long as the advert don't mention the competitor by name I think it's fine. Yeah I only watched Cars advert on YouTube and this thing is as good as Original Golf GTI ad.

    PS: I don't care either I'm not an apple users and I'm not into gadget. I still used my trusty old Sony Ericsson W508 and newer Sony Ericsson Live.

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    I'm just not an Apple fan, so I relish an opportunity to laugh at some company ridiculing them <_<

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    Default Re: Sneaky Samsung advertisment

    I have a Samsung SG3 and it is a great phone. I've fooled around with iPhones before and I didn't like them.

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    I thought it was a clever ad. It points out one of the paradoxes I've never been able to figure out, ie, how is Apple able to get away with such a huge price differential for things that aren't all that special?

    I don't have or desire any kind of smartphone. They're clever gadgets, but the cost/benefit ratio isn't anywhere close to working for me.

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    Must say, that's the second time I've seen that ad, and I still find it funny as can be.

    To think the SGSIII already outclasses the iPhone 5 by leaps and bounds. And we don't even have the Int'l version pitted against it in most places(So no quad core, but twice the RAM). I might be biased though, as I've loved the SGS Series since I got my i9000M a few years back.

    What they should do now: Show a Korean production facility with everyday stuff going on. Then show a Foxxconn facility with over 5000 police officers rushing it while it's on fire.

    Edit: They should also sue Apple for patent violations, as the new "Thunderbs" port is obviously a copy of micro-USB.(Sort of like how Android using pinch-zoom was Samsung's way of copying App...oh wait, Asus had some products do that forever ago.)

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    Default Sneaky Samsung advertisment

    Quality ad, although I doubt it's impact. Walked by my local Apple Store yesterday right beside it there was a Samsung booth/display showcasing the SGSIII. People were lined up (presumably for the 5) and nobody was in the Samsung booth. I think people who have chose their ecosystems are very loyal, makes it even harder for people to want to switch.

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    Ad is awesome, I doubt it makes many iSheep defect unfortunately. Also, you must be hush hush, it clearly isn't about the iPhone 5... (Apple would probably sue them if it was.)

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    I love samsung anti apple ad's. Always right to the point.

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