A few moths ago I took a vacation time. And was very special - a few years ago I found a real friend, which I thought I never find. Is girl, but in that moment it had not any importance. She's ABDL and IC, and is into BDSM. Like myself. We'd a lot of contact by internet (about two years) before and in january or february of this year we started to meet us. But... She half-forced me to come and stay with her a few weeks (2 months exactly) in the end of april. She put me into diapers (24/7) all that two moths. We did a lot of games as ABs, seen videos etc., but she switched on my diaper fetish. It wasn't first time for me in diapers, but... Our games and sexual relations have been very intensives, just (not only) for dipaers... And now sometimes I have to put me on one. She told me I'm authentic DL. Just I'm, she activated me.

It's not all what she did with and for me, there is something more, than ABDL or BDSM games. But it's another and off-topic story.