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Thread: Should I move to adult diapers?

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    Default Should I move to adult diapers?


    I've been wearing for years Goodnites and they are close to perfect for my needs: discreet, very comfortable, easy to pull down and up when I go to the toilet and they are cute. I wear all kinds, even the S/M size that still fit me for daytime and the girl ones as well.
    I wear Tena Slip for special occasions such as long trips, long time outside without easy possibility to change, sleeping after having drunk a lot, etc.

    However, as I'm now 25, isn't that weird to still wear Goodnites? Should I move to something that looks like more "serious" and that just deal with my problem? Goodnites are for children from 4 to 15 and have all these drawings on them, so maybe that's weird to wear them at my age. I'm not talking about from the DL point of view, but from a general one.

    From all adult diapers I have tried (pull ups or not), I don't like them very much, with their medical look or because they are not as comfortable as Goodnites.

    I'm not trying to look for some other brand, but just wondering if I should keep wearing child diapers. What's your opinion about it?

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    I'm not incontinent but it seems to me that if you've found a product that does what you need and is reasonably priced, there's nothing wrong with it. If you haven't tried them, perhaps the new Depends line of pull-ups would be worth looking into but I think practicality should be your primary motivation.

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    You could try other brands to see if they fit your need, and if not, there's nothing wrong with goodnites, if they help and are comfortable for you then then your all set.

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    I dont really see nothing wrong with wearing one that still have drawings on them there are still lots of people(non-abdls) that buy underwear that have superheros or some kinda of cartoon like SpongeBob or Scooby-Doo on them. You really dont need to get adult ones if the kid ones can keep doing the job with out leaking and that you can still fit in them.

    But an adult one have you tried Depends Underwear pull-ups? They come in a gray color that can look pretty close to underwear and they can hold pretty well if your not sitting when you wet. Mine leaked when i was sitting but that could be because how i was pointing.

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    Yes they might fit kids. But the bottem line is how do they fit you if they are comfortable then keep useing them.. I find most adult pullups are lame. As for the Print if you dont want other people see them. Put some undies over it.

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    If they fit you well and the absorbency is enough for your needs, I don't see any reason why you should have to switch to adult ones. Having said that, there are decent adult pullups available (Molicare, Abena) - just not in stores where you'll only find Depends and cheap store brands.

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    Thank you for your answers. You're right it may be not that weird that I still wear child diapers as far as they fit me and that I like them.
    You're right Siddy when you say that some underwear have some drawings as well! And I like the drawings on Goodnites as well

    Depends are not available where I live, but they seem to be fine! The adjustable underwear seems to be really a good thing as it makes easy to change without removing shoes.

    I started to do as you adviced Lestat, wearing undies over Goodnites. It's a nice solution for keeping even more discreet.

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    I've been wearing for years Goodnites and they are close to perfect for my needs: discreet, very comfortable, easy to pull down and up when I go to the toilet

    However, as I'm now 25, isn't that weird to still wear Goodnites?


    Well I'm 24 and still wear GoodNites for my bedwetting. Been using them for sleepovers and long trips ever since middle school when my moms first fit me some to try for sleepovers. I was peeing my bed 3-4 nights a week back then so there was always a high probability that I would wet myself at a sleep over. So here I am at 24 and still using GoodNites for when I am away from home, why? For the sane reasons you mentioned. The fit, they are comfortable and they work for what they are designed for. Kinda like the old saying I'd it ain't broke don't fix it.

    The designs I'm not too bothered by. I wear boxers or boxerbriefs and track pants or shorts over them so no one ever sees them and the kids design on them. If I had an adult kind or a plain kids kind, like the old GoodNites, I'd still be covered up to where no one could see them.

    So yeah man if they working for you, use them.

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    I still wear goodnites/drynites - I agree with you .. they are so much better than any adult diapers out there! IMO its not weird at all .. even my gf doesnt think so haha!

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