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    Looking to make my first order online and was wondering how long a order from bambino would take getting to Iowa. Havent had any luck looking at there site.

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    It depends which day you order it during the week. You have to put weekends into consideration. Give about 5 business days. I live in Louisiana and it varies on the time of the year. During this time there are no holidays .so it could be a little quicker. The best thing to do is either use a UPS store or FedEX store to have it shipped to OR find a company in the San Francisco area that you can purchase a product and have it shipped to you and time it. But that still depends when the shipper gives it to the shipping company. You'll never have a guarantee unless you do overnight or expedited shipment.

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    It usually takes a good week to get them from there to Iowa in my experience. Including weekends.

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    I live in Central Nebraska, and it takes, using standard (free) shipping, 3 business days via UPS and 4 business days via USPS. If I order before 4pm CST (2pm PST) on Monday, it will show up on my doorstep on Wednesday via UPS. Via USPS the order reaches the post office by Wednesday night, and awaits pickup by Thursday morning.

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