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    I just thought it could be productive to have a thread about loneliness caused by diapers etc. It's not uncommon for many of us to feel alone. I am not talking about feeling like we are the only one that wears... but instead referring to needing someone to share it with on a more personal level.

    I am feeling lonely...

    I'm still happy and all, but I know that my diaper time has to happen only when it's private because my significant other isn't okay with it. I can't be the only one that hops onto these forums looking for someone to even be buddies with when wearing in all my lonesome!!!!

    Technically, my best friend know's also and I could wear around him if I really wanted to. I already have but I didn't tell him I was so he may not have noticed at the time. He is helping me build my new super computer so I can finish editing my new video game themed show videos. I could drive over wearing and be like Hey man! Yep, wearing a diaper. It would actually be funny.

    (When we were teens I told him Infantilism, just the word, and he already knew what it was because he is super smart. He admitted to the basic stuff only, liking kid shows and his stuffed froggie and blankie. I really am certain he has never worn and doesn't stretch it that far.)

    This is the same friend that does crazy stunts like when we were teens he jumped in the locker room dancing around so yeah... might be fun to shock him. We are all adults now so I think it would be funny. Plus I could then ask if he noticed the other day, LOL.

    Still.... I do feel lonely. I have not given up on my significant other coming around... but it's one of those things that really freaks people out... and we still love each other regardless. I can pretty much guarantee she know's I am leaving bed early at night so I can go wear.... she isn't stupid. Although she may prefer it to just stay that way. I'll find out of course... in time...


    Lonely Mitchy
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    Aw! Sad day, mitchy. Sad how it is true for so many of us on so many different levels and in so many ways. I may be wrong, but it seems like a lot of young ABs think if you find a partner that is accepting then everything will be perfect. As much as I would love to wish perfect diaper soul mates on everyone, it's not possible. Every relationship takes work but the more things added to it, the more time and tolerance is needed. Even if the perfect AB found a perfect caretaker there would still be days one would want to play and the other would be too sick or too stressed about something or too busy. Life is going on all around us and sometimes I feel that we are extra blessed to have a hobby thatis also our coping mechanism. Seriously! I have friends that like drawing or playing music or watching certain shows but now they are adults and jobs, relationships, and some not so healthy stress relievers takeup too much of their time. But for us? I can still suck my paci and prep my class for the next day or afew minutes before bed I can read a children's book. It's sad when life gets too busy for hobbies and family but I have a whole different rant on that... Bashing us all for being controlled by what these select few people say is mandatory for a person to live out. I'm so proud of all of you here, though!! We, sometimes regrettably, have decided to give in to being different. To go all nerd I must quote Ben Parker... " with great power, comes great responsibility" In this part of our lives that so many perceive as weakness, there is a power. We have been given enough grace to be able to feel toward others and be more compassionate and the world is a little better for that. So here's to being different. Thanking God we are not all the same. Keep showing mercy to all. Those without partners, wait for one worthwhile while being someone worthwhile. To those with partners love them deeply and show understanding, express how you feel and someone who really cares about you will find you hard to resist. Be patient with others even when they aren't so patientwith you. Don't stop being different at diapers, my friends! Let's be people that the world will wonder at!
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    Hey Mitchy. Though you may feel lonely, you certainly aren't alone. I know the pain of being with someone that's not ok with your other side. It can lead to quite abit of stress, not only in the relationship, but life in general. Sometimes being an AB/DL can feel like a happy curse. Something that gives ya so much pleasure, yet you can't share with people you care sucks. I also have some close friends that know I wear sometimes, but they don't really know about my little side.
    I couldn't imagine wearing around them though, as i'd be way to concerned that they were uncomfortable. It has happened before though. I was home alone, so I diapered up and sat down for some gaming time. Then my friend, his g/f and my g/f got home (they were my room mates at the time) and they all came to talk to me at the same time. Thank god I was wearing sweat pants at the time. :-)
    Hang in there Mitchy. You've always got people to talk to here and I hope your wife gets to the point of at least letting you wear when ya want. You shouldn't have to sneak around at night just to be yourself.

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    pfffft, I am going to have fun tomorrow... it's my day off and my two hard drives are in for my new computer.

    When I go over to my best friends house I am going to wear a diaper and tell him. It's going to be really funny.

    I am not even worried about it. We've been best friends forever and he know's about the whole thing, but not that I started up again. I think wearing around someone like that is kind of what I am looking for... cause.. I know he doesn't care. Unless I would leak all over the place or something... lol!!!! I think it's just the thing I need to liven things up a bit. Plus I can talk to him about it then.

    I'll let you know what happens. Trust me, I know my friend.. the only reason I never did this before is because I was too scared when I was a teen.

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    Anyway I wore around my best friend which was fun. He's a really cool guy when it comes to understanding anything really. I had a second talk with my significant other to see exactly how things stand between us and my diapers/regression interests and she was very negative.

    The bottom line is that If it's something I need to do she is fine with it but she wants nothing to do with it... pretty much wants to pretend it doesn't exist because she can't understand it.

    I totally see where she and others that don't share this interest are coming from... I even told her that makes me feel rejected/depressed etc. and she said not to feel that way but... come on... Not much you can do about that.

    Glad we all have a place like this where we can go when we feel lonely!

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    this is kinda difficult, if you know someone long enough to know how he/she will react then I would not force it upon them, just take it easy and let it flow slowly.

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