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Thread: Kindergarten classes for the AB

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    Question Kindergarten classes for the AB

    I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to give an AB kindergarten style clases?
    I been thinking about doing that with my little boy.

    The first thing would be to get him a nice preschool uniform in his size, it has to be custom made of course, but as similar as possible to real kindergartens around town.

    then i would make him do some kindergarten activities, such as coloring and learning the letters or maybe the numbers

    it is just a crazy idea, what do you think about it????


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    Omg that sounds like so much fun! I wish I had a mommy/daddy to do that with me. :3

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    Although kindergartners typically don't wear diapers... or get to have any of the cool baby stuff that the cool kids get to have.

    Still I like the concept of age-regressing whatever year in life it may be. It's too bad we can't all get together and do something like that....

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    Default Re: Kindergarten classes for the AB

    Quote Originally Posted by Becute View Post
    It's too bad we can't all get together and do something like that....
    That would be beautiful.

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    That would be one of the greatest thing to happen in the history of forever.

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    so which activities do you think it would be appropiate for a kindergartener of his age?
    mmm and how long the class should be?

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    Oh man. Having a whole group to do this would be amazing. Lol. I agree that kindergarten would be a little old for what I think my boy is wanting, preschool maybe. I still wish there was a group I could find in my area for a whole playdate. We would very much enjoy that. I know he would. Everytime it comes up he gets so excited.

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    That is true, to have a group of kids to play the students, it would give them the oportunity of doing groups projects, work together with classmates and even go in front of the class to tell the groups what they have learned for this or that activity.
    and they can even play together during recess and nap-time. It would be like a real kindergarten.

    It would be cute if all of them wear the preschool uniform and things like that.

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    Oh that would be wonderful I really like to join that kindergarten. Well I think you can do all kindergarten stuff and for time it's depends ranging from an hour to maybe even a day. Ahh I really wished I have a daddy right now.

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