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Thread: Japanese diaper covers.

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    Default Japanese diaper covers.

    Hi, I just had a question if anyone has had any luck in finding japanese diaper covers? I wanna find one very similar to an image I saw a long time ago.. it was yellow with a bunny on the butt and it just looked really cute. Any help with finding tb japanese diaper covers would be lovely!

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    A+ BABY- Japanese Style Diaper Cover
    I have not ordered or know if their trustworthy but they offer some tempting stuff.

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    I have two Japanese style covers from Fuubuu a clear one and one with a cute plush print, they have held up pretty well and run about $15-20 a peice their website may be in broken engrish, but their products have been very good to me. I wear XL-XXL from them as I have a 42" waist

    2215 Product 2215 Price
    2221 Product 2221 Price
    2219 Product 2219 Price

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