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Thread: Using liners to prolong the life of a diaper?

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    Question Using liners to prolong the life of a diaper?

    Do you think it would be feasible to extend the life of a pullup diaper like a GoodNite for multiple wearings (so long as I don't actually use it) by lining the inside with a strip of washable cloth? I'm strapped for cash so I'm wondering if I'd get more bang for my buck doing something like this or just investing in a nice washable cloth diaper, as there are obvious hygiene issues involved in wearing a diaper for too long just like they are in wearing the same pair of underwear for too long. How long can you wear GoodNites before they start falling apart on you?

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    It will help the diaper last a little longer since it would hold a little more, but not by much. Cloth diapers can actually be a real money saver but you need more than one and you'll need plastic pants. They are also very very bulky and impossible to hide under clothing.

    Your best option is to go with adult sized diapers even though they are not the best for leaks. Like I posted earlier, my walmart roll backed depends overnights to 10.96 for 20 diapers. thats cheap!

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    Thanks for the response. Good to know Depends are so cheap but they are also kind of boring looking to me, and I'm a sucker for cutesy patterns. T_T I didn't know cloth diapers were supposed to be so bulky either; thanks for the heads-up.

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    You can buy stickers at a Dollar Store or thrift store, craft store, etc... Then use those to spice up Depends or any other plain white diapers if you are looking for cute factor. If you really needed to add to the stickers you could draw on simple patterns, or if you're really ambitious more intricate things, with coloured (I'm Canadian eh) Sharpies.

    This is my suggestion, as I wouldn't recommend trying to re-use Goodnites and strips of cloth, or something of the sort.

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