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    There are, of course, two sides to every story.
    I'm going to maybe make a regretful mistake by assuming here.
    But, as Children, I imagine a majority of us were bed-wetters.
    And a fraction of Us in that category were day-wetters as well.
    I was... I had wet spots all the time and two bad accidents in 3rd grade.
    Back in the 1970's Teacher's and Staff looked the other way rather than say anything.
    Unless it was something humiliating. And an 8 year old doesn't know how to ask for help.
    Your just scared and feel worthless.
    Even then I hope for some of us meant understanding parents.
    The choices of practical protection were cloth and rubber pants.
    Or my favorite kind of diaper. Wing folded old school Vintage Pampers in a Purple box.
    (The reason I have my avatar)
    That is if you could fit into them. I was a chronic bed-wetter all through grade school.
    It finally tapered off after my 10th bithday. But I wet the bed up until almost 11 back in the 1978.
    I think that was about the time Huggies came out. Pull ups came out about a decade later.
    There was a Johnson & Johnson brand, but they were not real popular like Huggies
    I've also heard of diapers being used as a form of punishment.
    Even if the Child didn't have a problem in some cases. That seems about as bizarre as my situation.
    Otherwise there may have been shame and embarrassment, and punishments for many of us at an older age.
    I received constant verbal abuse and it was my fault.
    But my mother offered no solutions, and no doctors. Just blame and wet sheets to sleep on.
    I was reversed punished, by NOT being allowed to wear Pampers or cloth diapers.
    The only protection given was a rubber sheet to protect the mattress on my bed.
    I slept on damp pee from the night before all through the week.
    Even though we were not poor and had a washer & dryer,
    And mother could of bought another set of sheets.
    But would only do my one set of sheets on Saturday.
    Only to wake up Sunday morning to another wet bed for the week.
    It was her twisted logic of getting me to stop.
    I've heard some say in these forums that they wish they did NOT wear diapers just like I say I wish I could have.
    So it's just hard to understand their point of view.
    Just the same as I say I'd take the hash spankings some Kids got if to just get the diapers.
    So how did you cope if you Needed to wear them?
    If you were forced to wear them as a form of punishment, How do you deal with it today?
    My punishments were also early bedtimes and continuing using my Todder bed till at least age 8.
    And my room was kept in a nursery print all that time as well.
    So you can imagine I had few if any friends over.
    Instead of physical punishment, It was emotional.
    But they are both no different in what it does to a Child.
    That's what I'm so curious to know.
    What would a diapered Childhood be like for me?
    And how I could of been a more confident kid. Or is it a case of "the grass is just greener?"
    Tell me Please...
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    sorry to hear that. It seems that a lot of people have the misfortune to have had inconsiderate parents. Though it's water under the bridge, receiving constant verbal abuse for wetting your bed was not your fault.

    There have been numerous polls before for different things, including bedwetting, you can probably look for them to get hard numbers, but the number of childhood bedwetters is about 50% iirc. I've read several accounts of parents denying their kids protection for their bedwetting, usually the parents are either thinking the child is doing it for the attention or if they make it rough on them they'll grow out of it faster. Either way it's NOT a good reaction to the problem if the child is having actual incontinence.

    You didn't mention if you have kids yet, but if not you need to understand that being a parent is tough. If you make bad decisions in life you are the one that has to deal with the consequences - unless you're a parent, in which case your kids have to live with the bad choices you make. It's not really fair, but there's nothing anyone can do differently. Kids are unique too, two kids may wet the bed for completely different reasons. Unless the parents are good guessers, they're going to make some bad calls now and then.

    Consider that every possible "better alternative" comes with it's own downside that you might not be seeing. Going to school diapered for example. Some kids had that experience, that you're thinking may have been better for you. But for some of them, it resulted in nonstop ridicule and isolation from their classmates, and they really wish they had been allowed to "be more normal", even if it meant an accident or two. Sometimes there isn't an alternative without consequences. If you think about that, it may make you not so regretful of your path.

    Your experiences growing up are almost entirely up to chance, and there's not really anything you can do to fix the past. The best you can do is try to put the bad memories behind you and appreciate your new life that you have more control over.

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    Sorry to hear you had such an awful time of things when you were little, Kari... I just thought I'd mention that I never had any bedwetting issues (not beyond age 4 or 5 anyway) yet still ended up fascinated by diapers and wanting to be a little kid again...

    I've heard a lot of people say that most AB/DLs must have been bedwetters or most were abused as children... I'm not sure what the statistics are, but I had a wonderful childhood (other than being a bit lost in my own little world!)

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    I don't know what the distribution of experience is among us but I don't seem to fit with any of your expectations and here I am. Not saying this to throw cold water on what you're describing, just answering the "poll" negatively to indicate that some of us come to diapers for no easily discernable reason. Personally, I think that even the easily discernable reasons that some of us have are not as conclusive as we might believe them to be. I'm sure many people experienced some measure (or perhaps even all) of what you describe but it pushed them in different directions due to other factors in their life.

    I think all we can really tell is that we're here now and we're a community due to our similar desires and drives and we just have to make the best of our bad, neutral, or good upbringings and integrate these desires into a happy and functional life.

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